Help for Dark Mode desktop

Dear community,

I am looking for resources to have the ability to toggle my entire desktop from light mode to dark mode.

We have a night mode pre-installed, but what it does is to tone down brightness. What I want is black background and white letters. It would be great to have an icon in the system tray that I can simply toggle from light to dark.

Background: while exploring Linux distros, Pop!_OS has this capability that I found very intresting. However, I settled for Zorin OS that is more windows like. Recently, I have been writing modules late into the evening, and I believe that a full desktop night mode would be most helpful for me.

Any tips on 1) is it feasible and 2) how to do this?

Thank you.

Not sure what you have already versus what you want. With Zorin Core, you can set up a mode in “Appearance” that goes all dark all the time or it can go dark at custom times or sunset to sunrise. Many distributions have that same feature. What distribution are you using and what desktop environment?


Hi C141ZorinOS'

I have the OS 16.3 Pro. The dark night that I have is simply to reduce the brightness of the screen, turing it from bright white to yellowish. There is no Night Mode on my version.

I hope this helps.

In Zorin> Appearance settings, you should see the screen from this post: Dark mode in taskbar too - #3 by Storm

That screen allows you to set theme to light, light/dark (time switched), or dark background mode.

Post a screenshot if you see something different from that.