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Not knowing much about computers i want to install zorin 16 on a computer running windows, after watching some videos i tried it and i chose the option " alongside windows" it didn't work because it didn't detect the free space i had more than enough to install it.

I now made a 63.87 GB of partition of unallocated space on my SSD and would welcome some help on how to set all the partitions the right way to install zorin.

Now that i created this partition would the option of installing alongside windows be easier or not?

Thank you for all your help.

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That is the way. You made it good.

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Also disable secure boot in the bios.


Hello @Jkid Welcome to the Zorin community.
Yes this option would be easier for you to install Zorin OS.

Welcome @Jkid to the forum! This may help from our forum Tutorial section...LOTS of information

[HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16

Also maybe have a look at this item: Before you install

If you choose the option of alongside windows, it is not going to use the free space you created. It will use the partition that windows is sitting on, repartition it and use the amount of space it ask you to make it.

If you're creating empty space which you should use the windows partition manager to do to avoid corrupting the partition, you choose something else from the menu. When you choose something else, the installer will ask you which partition you want to use and that is where you pick the free space you just created.

@337harvey is a master for partition your drive properly. Maybe he can help.

@Michel This is written by 337harvey

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