Help with anaconda-navigator icon

after installing anaconda navigator(following the guide on the official website) i can manage to launch it from the terminal but cant seem to find a icon for it in menu
I tried following this tutorial

but found out that i cant do rightclick-->new text document(only option for new folder)
I tried making a text document prior but can't seem to access that in root file manager either(shows all directories as empty..)
any help is appreciated,and I don't mind using only terminal if that's easier..
Additional info
zorin core 16.2

Here is a guide that specifically covers Anaconda - for desktop file creation:

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i am confused do i make the .desktop file in home directory?(according. to the link,unless i misunderstood)
because doing so didn't resolve it.
Additionally I followed this link

for getting option to create new txt file on right click but that didn't work either

Yes, you can. Once a file is made, you can move it anywhere it needs to be (including Root).

Please provide details and clarify. The statement of "It didn't work" never gives enough information to troubleshoot.

well after i followed the instructions and searched for the icon it didn't appear.
but now it does show(The only other thing i did was lock my screen) so i guess it worked

That may have restarted the desktop, allowing the desktop file to be read.

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