Missing icon after program installation

I installed a deb package under z16 standard. The program runs perfectly, but I am missing a program icon showing up, though the program is said to be installed when I check software installed. I could run it by opening it every time in the software folder, but ... you know. Looking for help, Claudia

You can add a desktop file to /usr/share/applications to get it to show up in the App Menu.

[Desktop Entry]

Open a terminal and enter in sudo -i - enter your password, then enter in nautilus. The File manager should open in Elevated Privileges. In the left pane, select other location and then computer. Navigate to /usr/share/applications. Right click an open area in the window and select create a new document.
Paste the above template into that and name that file the Program Name dot desktop. For example, it was inkscape, it would be inkscape.desktop

Exec= This should be the path to the executable file. Often located in /bin directory - you may need to use the terminal locate command to find it.
Name= Whatever name you want to appear in the app menu. Comment= whatever description you want to appear in the menu...
Icon= this also is a path, to whatever icon you want to use for it. If using an icon from the Zorin Iconset, you would navigate to /usr/share/icons/zorin/apps/...
If you are using the icon that came with the program, that may be located in its own folder such as /usr/share/program-name/images or icons... It varies a bit. Without knowing which program, I cannot get more specific. I'm sure you can find it.
Once done, save and exit.

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Thank you for your help. I found the .desktop file elsewhere and copied it to the .../applications folder. It works. Best, Claudia

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