Help with setting up Zorin OS lite education for a classroom

We wanna create a low cost classroom with some refurbished PC

Found for 30€ with 500gb HDDs and a Dual Core Pentium G640 with Intel HD 2000 and 4GB of RAM

I have a couple of questions:

-How does Zorin OS Lite runs on traditional HDDs?

-Is there any clone software that I can just copy a single OS image that is pre-set on all of the PCs?

-How can I create a guest user account that will only allow students on saving files but no access in changing settings or program configs ?


1.) ZorinOS lite should be fine on a traditional drive, but will be slower depending on the drives performance.
2.)Clonezilla or redo backup will clone drives quickly and easily with a gui.
3.) Create a new standard user. On your install before cloning


I might also suggest spacewalk for managing the workstations while zoringrid is development

Thanks for your help
I fell that a restricted user account is still powerful enough for students to mess up the settings with.
What I was thinking about is a guest account that reset with every reboot but had the ability to store files in the home folder.
I found a old method on Ubuntu wiki but the commands don't seem to work

ZorinOS is based on 20.04 LTS you can use this guide

Wait, I think you can create an active directory on install.

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