Help With The xdg-desktop-portal-gnome file chooser issue

Hello, there is a bug with Chrome and Firefox snaps and flatpacks in: xdg-desktop-portal-gnome where you can't download or upload files on a shared drive such as "Files/Other Locations/Networks" Google Drive. A patch has been released but that was almost a year ago and it is still waiting for LTS merge.

NOTE: I installed a non snap, non-flatpack version of Firefox (straight from build) and it works fine. So this only affects packages that use the xdg-desktop-portal-gnome filechooser.c

The problem: If you connect to your google drive in settings/online accounts, open snap or flatpack version of Firefox or chrome you cant download files to your google drive or upload files on your Google drive for that matter.

Here's a link to the bug: Bug #1971168 “[snap] Files on local network shares are not opene...” : Bugs : firefox package : Ubuntu
Here's a link to the patch:

How can I install the patch myself? I tried searching for filechooser.c but did not find such file. Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you!

Is it not possible to install chrome without reliance of snap or flatpak? My preference is for Firefox ESR, but I don't use Google Drive I use which is more privacy respecting as Servers are in Norway, not in data scraping US.

At any time, have you tested

sudo apt install xdg-desktop-portal

to obtain the Zorin Patch on this?

The ZorinGroup released a patch some time back - which is not unusual that they release patches directly ahead of Ubuntu, even though Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu.

Thanks @swarfendor437 I am sticking with FF for now.

@Aravisian Hmmmm... You know, thinking about that, I have not since installing Zorin. A few months back when I was on packaged Ubuntu 22.04 I did try some stuff that was listed in the bug report page with no luck but I will definitely try this on the Z17 system when I get to it. Thank you! Maybe that will help. Will report on that once I get back.

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Terminal says I already have the latest. Guess I can live with build version of Firefox for now until this gets worked out.

xdg-desktop-portal is already the newest version (1.14.4-1ubuntu2~22.04.1).
xdg-desktop-portal set to manually installed.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 13 not upgraded.

Are you on Zorin OS 16 or Zorin OS 17?

This may cross reference with threads about the new Gnome Screenshot integrated tool:

I am on Zorin 17 as of three weeks ago... Awesome info thanks...

UPDATE: Good news!!! about twenty minutes ago while on my Linux Mint laptop I saw an update come through system updates. One of them was for Chrome. Ran the update and now I am able to save files to the network share. Prior to the update twenty minutes ago, I was unable to do that on this system as well as my Zorin Pro 17 system.

Looked up the updated Chrome version: Version 121.0.6167.184 (Official Build) (64-bit) Then went to the Changelog and see it was posted yesterday for roll out.

Finally, I did some looking in the /opt/chrome folder and looked at the source of xdg-settings noticed theres some new xdg utllities in there.

Cant wait to try this on my Zorin system tomorrow.

Those updates did come in but did not not work on Zorin OS 17 Pro. Will have to stick with Firefox build for now. I am also thinking of other ways to utilize the Google Drive. i.e instead of connecting over network share, I could use to sync the data to my local drive but that would require lots of storage.

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