Here is something strange

I searched for brave and first of all I am met with two brave browser options. Which one to choose? Secondly I download and it starts downloading and then when it gets to 99% it starts a fresh download again. I wonder how many more times it does that?
Any ideas why this is happening?

There may be a Debian/Ubuntu package, Snap package, or Flatpak. I am not on Zorin now to review but different package formats will show up side by side.

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The Brave Browser in the Gnome Software Store has no debian candidate and will only be offered as a Flatpak or a Snap package. This is a decision made by Brave Devs (and one of many that they make as to why I will not use Brave Browser).

The Containerized Brave Browser (Flatpak or Snap) will rely on the package xdg-desktop-portal - which in this case is interesting as the Flatpak Package for xdg-desktop-portal is currently throwing dependency errors and being automatically Held Back by the system to prevent damage.

I suspect that this is not a coincidence. And likely that this means you are choosing the Flatpak version of Brave, and the sticking point is that held back xdg-portal.

You can scroll down the Software Page for Brave and see the Source at the bottom - OR click the Source button that appears on the titlebar in Gnome Software Store on the Brave Browser page to check if it is Flatpak.
If so, check if there is a Snap Version or - Install the Debian package for Brave Browser using the following instructions:


Hi Hdky, I do some distro hopping so I need to install Brave from time to time as it is my favorite browser by far. I have found the best way to install Brave to a Ubuntu based distro like Zorin is to go to the Brave download web site and follow the instructions for Ubuntu. There are just a few lines of instructions to follow. Just copy and paste them one at a time into your terminal window. In other words copy the first line and paste it and then hit enter. You may need to put in your password after that. Then when that instruction finishes just copy and paste the next one and wait for it to finish and so on until you have done them all. Doing it this way solves a lot of problems with keys and updates.



I also install it this way, saves a lot of time and trouble. For reference:

@Hdky in case you are not familiar just search for "Terminal" in your start menu and copy/paste these commands, one at the time.

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Done, thanks guys I used terminal to install it and I got it back.

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