Hibernation doesn't seem to be working

I've installed Zorin Lite on an ASUS U31F laptop, which used to run Windows 10, and hibernated like a champ. So I thought this would be a breeze to set up...

The computer has 8GB of RAM, so I created and activated an 8GB swap partition, and followed zorin/ubuntu forum advice to add the menu triggers and enable the O/S to use this partition for hibernation.

However, when I choose "Hibernate" or "Hybrid Sleep", or when I run "sudo systemctl hibernate", I see the following:

  1. A message that the network connection is disabled
  2. Nothing for a few long seconds
  3. The screen turns off
  4. The screen comes back on again, but the computer no longer responds to mouse or keyboard
  5. The computer turns off

When I turn it back on again, it takes just as long as a full start, and if I don't check "Remember this session for the next login", then no windows are opened.

So I'm thinking the computer isn't really hibernating.

Any idea how to confirm this, figure out what's going on, and fix?

Thank you!

Having read elsewhere about swap size for suspend/hibernate it should be slightly bigger than the amount of installed RAM. I have always advocated double the swap space of your physical RAM. I should also point out that I don't use a notebook. (I refuse to use the term laptop as it engenders bad practice.)

I've had similar problems in the past. This was the only guide that worked for me, after a week of relentless trying; see if it works for you. [GUIDE] How to hibernate to a swap file in Linux Mint 19.x - Linux Mint Forums 1

(I've posted about it here if you'd like to check it out as well: Attempting to hibernate results in screen going blank then back to normal, without powering off)

Thank you @swarfendor437 and @axylox for your tips.

I tried the Mint procedure with 16GB of swap, and I must have skipped a step, because the computer refused to boot aftewards, saying "giving up waiting for suspend/resume device".

Had to use the USB stick and a combination of web advise to revive it. I then saw a calculation of how much power is needed to use sleep/suspend instead of hibernation ($15/year), so I gave up on the hibernation idea.

Also, we have solar power :wink:

Thank again.

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