High RAM Usage

Hello again everyone! I've been using Zorin OS 16 since 5 days after its official launch. This has been my first attempt to switch to Linux based OS after about 15 years using windows. One thing that worries me is my RAM usage.

In the moment I'm writing this, I'm reaching the RAM usage showed above, but only Brave Browser is running, nothing more. Can this be a problem of dual boot? Is my installation of Zorin "broken" in some way?

Apart from that, the experience is great and I'm really prone to switch completely to Linux.

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For now however, I am going to assume your using Core, because it comes with Gnome, and Gnome classically uses a lot of RAM. I prefer Stacer BTW for providing system resource information. You can find Stacer in the software center.

Stacer screenshot of my old dual core workstation machine.

Thats why i have 32GB ram...just to fix issues like this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I have 32GB of RAM in my main gaming machine, have a look at my stacer...

FYI, this is an old screenshot. I was rendering 1-hour of 4K video at the time on POP OS 20.10. I am now running POP OS 21.04 as you know.

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Thanks for your tip. Turns out I was messing around Stacer and now my system only "shows" a black screen. Prolly going to reinstall now. I didn't had any Timeshift yet

Between Gnome and Brave browser, they can do it alone.

Don't know of anything in Stacer that can cause a black screen.
Can you boot into Recovery Mode. Select Advanced Options for Zorin and try booting from an earlier kernel?

Yes, I'll try. Just a moment.

I agree, Stacer has never caused that for me. Stacer is a resource monitor first and formost, with also system cleanup utility built into it. I'd be very surprised if it was Stacer that caused the black screen.

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Sounds like an update of the kernel/nvidia issue that @Aravisian posted and pinned.

Only way for him to know then, is to do CTRL ALT F2 to enter terminal, and then type in.......

uname -a

He can then post the result into his next reply. Of course another way he could find out too, is just by booting up his computer, and holding down the shift key after he powers the computer on.

This will allow him to go into Zorin advanced options, and see what kernel his computer wants to boot into.

Good morning everyone! Turns out I had to reinstall Zorin. I panicked and removed its partition and then the only way was to reinstall. I'll try to install xfce to see if it uses less RAM


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