Hook cell phone to computer

Is there a program in Zorin to connect your cell phone to my laptop ... I prefer to use a cable but I guess WIFI would also work ...


Zorin comes with Zorin Connect, a native app to connect yout phone and your laptop. The only thing you have to do is download Zorin Connect on Play Store


Zorin-Connect is a Gnome-Extension and does not work on XFCE or Zorin OS lite.
However, this is easily solved by using KDE-Connect on XFCE / Zorin OS Lite. :wink:


Thank you for your reply .... there is just one problem .... my phone doesn't support anything google ... my choice but I do use APKPure or Petal Search ...

OK my first app to install on XFCE ... I'm still on Gnome this morning ... 7am .... as I wanted to read the board before going back to tinkering with XFCE ...

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As long as the Cable is a data-Transfer cable and not just a charging cable, then connecting your phone with the cable should automatically mount as a Device or Drive.
Mine always does. But, I also have an Android Phone.

If using an alternate Phone an Phone OS... I am not sure. It may be one of those consequences of having an alternate.
You should be able to get the APK for either kde-connect or Zorin-connect.
Both _connects use your Home Wifi to communicate with computer.


I can confirm that this is correct. Even if hardware limitations prevent you from using Zorin connects APPS, or the Zorin connect feature on your laptop, connecting via a cable will work.

I am not sure how your phone is setup Mr. Frog, but with Android devices, usually there is a toggle on your phone to enable media sharing when you connect your USB cable, its part of the security features. Once enabled, it should then allow mounting the internal flash memory, as well as, external flash memory cards if inserted, to mount on your computer.

Just don't forget, when your finished doing your media sharing, make sure to always EJECT the mounted drives in your file manager, BEFORE removing the cable. This protect you from data corruption.

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What about Freedroid?

I knew I kept that ol' data cable around for some reason ... LOL

Very good points thank you and yes my phone does support via cable ...

Hummmm ... hadn't heard of that one ... it will probably work ... I'll check that out .... always good to have alternatives ...


fixed :sweat_smile:

I never heard of it either, so I clicked the link, and it took me to a website about an RPG game. FrenchPress you are so silly lol. :joy:

link fixed
site seems to be down ....

OK I think I should explain a bit here about my phone it doesn't support Android as it is a Huawei and Huawei and google don't like each other and as I have dumped all things google years ago (not all at once but gradually as I found replacements) I also chose a phone that google couldn't get into ...

But they surprised me because the after the first week of using my phone I received an email (when I used gmail) telling me that my new phone didn't have the latest google apps loaded ... of coarse it didn't because google apps can't be loaded on to Huawei .... in fact playstore can't even be loaded ....

Again this is my choice .... and yes I know about the so called spyware but then so does google so for me it is just tit for tat .... :rofl:

I was semi sleeping at that time.
Now I got up and noticed my (yet another) mistake :sweat_smile:

My husband is using F-droid (https://f-droid.org/) exclusively on his mobile phone.

Compared with apk sites, the advantage is that you will get notification for updates just like Google Play.

I confirmed that KDE connect can be installed in F-droid.


If @Frog is moving to XFCE from Gnome, then I assume KDE Connect is more appropriate for him now than Zorin Connect?


I would say so.
Before I moved to Zorin I was using KDE Connect in Mint XFCE.

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That sounds good to me so I'll hold off for a bit until I get more familiar with XFCE .... seems to me I saw something dealing with KDE Connect while searching through XFCE yesterday .... it would help tremendously if I could do screens shot on my cell phone in dealing with problems working with XFCE ....

sudo apt install kde-connect

Open GUFW and add exceptions for 1714-1764 for UDP and TCP.