How can I replace GPU (AMD -> Nvidia) without reinstallation?

Hey there guys,

I'm (again) planning to switch from an AMD GPU to an NVIDIA one (Was just able to get a "cheap" RTX 3090).

However, how would I point Zorin OS to make the switch too? I know @Aravisian once helped me when I switched from the other way round, but for heaven's sake, I couldn't find his post from a few months ago.

Something with --nomodeset but I genuinely can't remember.

So if anybody has an idea how I could make the switch back to NVIDIA I'd take any help!

Hey there!

I found a (partial) answer in one of my older threats, which is to set "nomodeset" somewhere in the grub settings.

I'd have 2 questions though:

  1. How again can I enter grub mode? I forgot how to do it, as I only did it once Think it is as easy as pressing ESC during boot right? One question left:

  2. Where do I place the "nomodeset" part?

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Different problem addressed@ the link , but two ways to create or enter "nomodeset" pentameters are outlined.


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And thank you for the solution, exactly what I was looking for @Winged1 :slight_smile: Solved! :raised_hands:

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Hey guys.

I really really need your help now.

I went ahead and switched the graphics card from AMD to Nvidia now and it's gotten a complete desaster.

I went ahead and set nomodeset in grub and afterwards the computer booted and I was able to install the Nvidia drivers (I believe). The current state is, that my desktop layout was completely wrong AND I am getting signed off every 5-20 seconds. Like the computer doesn't shut down, it just signs out my user. Sometimes I log back in and get immediately signed out again.

(on a side note I've had this behavior sometimes the last days before switching cards, but it was like 2-3 times, not every time I logged in).

Also, I didn't know why it wouldn't take my zorin appearance layout anymore (it's still the wrong one), so I tried to revert the desktop settings by naming /home/.config to /home/.config.bckp, but the issue still persists.

Any help would be highly appreciated, as my computer is completely unusable like this :crying_cat_face:

Best wishes

I was able to login for 20 seconds again. Completely random behavior. Please help :cry:

Now I got a kernel panic error somehow

@Aravisian maybe? Or @FrenchPress?

Try: boot - 12.04 `kernel panic not syncing IO-APIC + timer doesn't work` - Ask Ubuntu
Either tap Esc or hold Shift key.

Normally in windows when you switched a amd/ati card for a nvidia card you had to remove all the amd/ati drivers before you use the nvidia one. Sometimes (at least for me in older windows versions) it was not good enough and i needed to reinstall the whole OS.

My question for you is, did you remove the older gpu drivers ?

My advise would be to reinstall the system, use a live usb and copy all your important files and start over.

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Hey there Michel.

Thank you for trying to help. I didn't remove the old AMD drivers prior to assembling the Nvidia card, no. Is there something like a command to clean all AMD related drivers?

And I've updated the bios now, which was pretty outdated, but the issue with getting logged off on sign in persists, unfortunately

In terminal you might try this


Also, I wouldn't know how I could start over without having a running OS. I wouldn't know how to backup all data with a live USB in the first place anyways.

Maybe I'll start over with Windows 11 again and give this a chance.

I have no idea why it's doing this. I login, I have a running OS (with the wrong zorin appearance layout though), I'm logged in for 10-20 seconds and then, boom, sign off...

Yeah maybe this works. Thank you for the hint. I hope I can stay logged in for long enough tho :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Why people always give up that fast with linux :thinking:. I really don't understand :sweat_smile:.

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