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How can I replace GPU (AMD -> Nvidia) without reinstallation?

Oh lord yeah I know! Totally agreed! I just feel like there's no solution to this. Believe me, I'd prefer staying with zorin much much more! I just don't know if it's possible :frowning:

Lets try to see if the amd drivers will get deleted IF they are not disabled already by Linux.

Did you install the nvidia drivers ?

Also, people like me probably tend to think "yeah this probably wouldn't have happened on windows let's go baaack" :smiley:

Trying to get into the OS. Getting kernel panic error again :confused:

Try to reboot into grub and try recovery mode. Do you know how ?

It's telling me "command not found"

Yes I do, will try! Thank you for all your help <3

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Moment, can you check your gpu drivers

Step 4 Activate Graphics Card - Zorin

I don't know what happened, but I was able to update with apt-get update, it installed modules and said something along the lines of "building kernel"... And somehow it seems to work!!! Holy macaroni!

Also, I already did what you suggested but the errors still occurred

Carefully, I think I got it... Somehow

What error ?

Sorry for not being precise. Not errors, the issue that I was being logged off every few seconds.

Now I'm logged in for 5 minutes without getting signed off for the first time in the past 4 hours

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Can you run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Check for the nvidia driver again please, if for some reason you cannot use it we might need to manually install it.

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Alright just rebooted to see if it's still running. Hope so and will do what you suggested

Oh didn't read those comments properly. Already did so. Nvidia x-server is running and showing driver information etc. I think it's finally installed now.

However, as the amdgpu-pro-uninstall command didn't do anything (command not found) is there any other way I can be sure that all AMD drivers are gone for good?

It's up and running now! Even though it gave me a weird splash screen when I was rebooting :thinking:

If the nvidia driver is in use then you dont need to worry.

What driver are you using ? What does nvidia-x-server say ?

It says I'm using version 470.86, that's what I've installed from the software updater menu. Can/should I go with latest proprietary drivers though?

I went with the "tested" drivers

No it's fine. Tested means those drivers have been tested before they made it available.

Are the issues gone ?

The weird splash screen your talking about. Delete the nomodeset parameter that you added in grub.

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Alright I will do so :heart:

Could you help me with one more thing? I'm having updates in the software manager, which I cannot install. Is there any other way to install them? These are updates like "Freedesktop Platform", "Gnome application platform version" and "KDE application platform version" (7 updates total), but if I click on "install" just nothing happens

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade