How do I access my D Drive for Zorin OS 16 Core?

I'm new to this Operating system which I love to learn about. I searched Google and Youtube with no luck.

Can anybody tell me how to access my D Drive in Zorin?

Please respond as soon as you can.

Thank you very much.

If the drive is an external, plugging it in should cause the file manager to detect it. It would show up in the lower left pane in Devices. You can mount it by clicking its ID there.

Dear Arvisian:

Thank you for your advice. However, I have an internal optical drive which I can put CD or DVD. I checked my BIOS which recognizes my D drive which I currently have Windows 10 which I have Zorin on a dual boot system. I need to access my optical drive to check my files.

Please advise. Thank you very much.

Core: Zorin menu -> Utilities -> Disks
Lite: Zorin menu -> Settings -> Disks

See the area I outlined with red. You will see a play button there if the drive isn't mounted (my disk is already mounted, so no play button, only a square "stop" button). If there is a play button for your optical drive, then press it and it should be mounted.

Make sure you select the correct drive from the left pane - in the picture my HDD is selected - make sure you select your optical drive.

Moved to general help as this is not related to hardware.

Dear Michel:

Thanks for your fast reply.

I do see a Play button, the - button, and the settings icon which my internal optical drive probably isn't mounted. I found my CD/DVD Drive. However, when I inserted my disc that contains my data, it doesn't load which I can't see it.

Please advise. Thank you very much.

Could you please post a screenshot of what you see? Make sure your optical drive is selected when you take the screenshot.

Some tips for reference, in the meantime:

Dear Carmar:

Thanks for the fast reply.

Enclosed, please find my Screenshot.

Please advise. Thanks

Click the little gears button, right under the big blue rectangle on the right pane. Should give you an option to mount. If not, post here what it says.

Dear Carmar:

Enclosed, please see my screen shots.

Under CD/DVD Drive, I clicked the gears button which took me to the only choice of Edit Mount Options. I clicked Edit Mount Options which took me to another window which is technical. Please advise how I should mount cd/dvd drive which linux can detect. Thanks.

I’m stumped.
The same CD can be read on Windows using that optical drive?

Dear Carmar:

You're correct. When I'm on Windows 10, my CD can be read and files can be read with my current internal optical drive. I have no issues playing a DVD movie with Zorin since I have VLC player. Do you know what I can do in order for my CD to be accessed and read with Zorin OS 16 Core? Please advise. Thanks

Sorry, I have to throw in the towel.
My personal experience is that windows may not be able to read data that Linux can but never the other way around.
Maybe someone else on the forum can help. Perhaps @Michel ? If I recall, @zabadabadoo uses dual boot so he may know.
At least we know that it is the CD and not the drive that has issues.

I use dualboot. Have a CD/DVD drive attached to Zorin Core.
While using the Disk utility app I can't reach for the files.

But the system tray icon does show the CD/DVD drive.

Screenshot from 2021-12-22 18-08-15

I also am able to reach the files while opening the standard file manager .

I don't use cd's or dvd's. I can't help sorry.

@swarfendor437 posted something about cd's/dvd's recently -> [How-To] How to get Windows Apps / Games working in Zorin OS 16 - #9 by swarfendor437

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Thanks, Michel. That may work.

@nlow004 , Swarf’s post was about creating a bin/iso image and mounting using CDEmu. That would require you to go back and create the image of the CD on Windows. Not a solution but rather a workaround if you’re interested. I think it should work.

Or you can wait to see what ideas others have.

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Dear Michel and Carmar:

Thanks for your response. I'll wait for other responses. My primary issue is to access my files in my internal optical drive like in Windows. I like to get out of Windows peranently. I'll post my Issue in General since its not a hardware issue. Have a good day everybody and Merry Christmas!

This image was taken in Zorin 16 Core using Zorin Default DE:

/home/swarfendor437/Pictures/Optical Drive on Desktop after inserting CD.jpg and right-clicking to select "Open in Files":

Then Files shows the root folder of the CD (below the CD is the USB stick):

/home/swarfendor437/Pictures/Viewed in Files before opening to view files.jpg

Then I double clicked on the CD to see what is present:

/home/swarfendor437/Pictures/Files on CD.jpg

In this case some nvidia based files and an nvidia screensaver.

If I had selected 'Open' on right-click I would see the files as above.

Naming of drives is different in Linux and tend to be labeled 'sr0'.

From a directory tree perspective, if you open your Home folder and select 'Other locations' you will see 'Computer' - open this, then go to media, then your username (in my case swarfendor437) and in the right-pane you will see the CD root directory as shown in the picture below:


Dear Swarfendor437:

Thank you for your assistance. I'm a bit confused. When I insert my cd disc that contains files, nothing is shown in Disks program in Zorin OS 16 Core under the CD/DVD Drive after I inserted the disc. I see that you have a Disc icon. Can you show me by screenshot step by step how you mounted your internal or external optical drive? Please advise. Thank you very much.