How do I create a home HDD that works?


I'm trying to install games such as CSGO on my Zorin OS but it doesn't let me install it on my HDD (Everything is being installed on my SSD). I would like to have every game etc on my HDD so my root disk isn't filled with it.

Please help, I switched from Windows 10.

You neglected to mention which method you are gaming on, Steam, or Lutris. But I am going to go out on a limb, and say its Steam. Open the Steam APP. Up at the top click on STEAM, go to settings. Go to DOWNLOADS tab.

Up at the top you will see Steam Games Library, click on that. You will need to create a new Steam Game's Library folder on the HDD drive. Hit the plus sign I think it is, then navigate to your HDD, and choose that.

If there is anything on the hard drive, Steam will throw a fit and say the drive must be empty. Easiest way to fix that if it happens, is to format the drive EXT4 with the DISKS utility in the OS. Then once prepared, go and do the steps again. Add your library to the HDD drive.

Then very important, make sure to tell steam that you wish that HDD to be default. Then your done, Steam will remember to install on your HDD from now on. Hope this helps


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I can't find my HDD folder, only root / when selecting STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS in Steam \ Settings \ Downloads \.


I assume I have to create the HDD somehow but I don't know how. I tried doing it in Disks but I did not manage to create it.

OK, see that play button symbol to the left of the - symbol? You need to click on the play symbol to mount the drive. To make this easier in the future, click on the GEAR icon, EDIT MOUNT OPTIONS, do this. Checkmark Mount AT System Startup. Checkmark in Show In User Interface

If you are still having issues seeing the drive in Steam after getting the drive mounted, then you maybe using the FLATPACK STEAM, in which case I have a tutorial on how to get that setup properly.

Hopefully this helps!

I think that I'm using FLATPACK STEAM because no disk other than the root one appeared after mounting my HDD. I'm going to try your tutorial, thanks!

My tutorial should get you going, and if it is the solution to the problem, go ahead and mark my previous post as solved so others looking for the same help, know what to do.

Or trash the steam flatpak and use the steam .deb file. Much easier to use and user friendly. I could not install a custom proton with flatpak.

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