How do I go back to Windows 10?

I have tried Zorin OS, but apps that I use don't work, and Windows 10 is way more customizable. How do I go back, as it doesn't seem so simple as it was installing it.

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Gday @thesonicfan192 , can you tell us a little more, like..
what is the Device & age ?
Spec's, ram ssd size, ect
& i assume you have done a Clean install of Zorin core?
I would advise you to make it dual boot,, then if you wish later you can remove Zorin or Windows or keep both :smile:

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Also i find as a new Zorin/Linux user,, ( Now with Clean install, Zorin core)
There is normally a very good (FOSS) secure alternative,
Can you also name the windows app's your having trouble with.

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Download the windows installer, use unetbootin to burn it to a usb and install windows.

There are many tutorials on the internet concerning this very thing.

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I thought Zorin had windows app support that you can install. And what apps specifically?

That's not true. You can download different theme and icon packs that you can apply in GNOME Tweaks.

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Depends on which apps and if you have a Windows software emulator to run Windows ones, then in case the apps you want have a corresponding Linux version you can use those (from Software Center or any website you know providing them).

I found Windows not as customizable as Linux, with some practice, guides and maybe a bit of time (sometimes much) you can customize Zorin everywhere as you prefer.

If you like Sonic games, check the 4 results on Software Center.

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In what way, because i can't customize windows 10 at all LOL!


But still, how long can you keep using Windows 10?

I heard 2025, same as Ubuntu 20.04. Also support for 8.1 ended yesterday.

...or was that a rhetorical question?

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This is why, before you do anything regarding Zorin OS, one should always clone the existing Windows installation to an external drive, or to an .img file on an external drive, or to an .img.7z file on an external drive (if you want to save drive space by zipping the .img file).

If something goes wrong, one can then clone that .img file or cloned external-drive partition back to your main drive, and you're back up and running on Windows, at the exact state at which you cloned Windows.

For instance, my laptop was brand new, never before booted. It had Windows 11 installed on it from the factory. I booted the Zorin OS USB stick, went into the Disks application, and backed the internal drive up to an external drive, which created a .img file on that external drive. Then and only then did I attempt to install Zorin OS. If I ever need to return the laptop to the factory for warranty reasons, I can put the contents of that .img file back onto the internal drive via the Disks application (while booted into Zorin OS USB stick), and the manufacturer would have no way of knowing that I wasn't running Windows.



Before you decide to wipe your drive and start over please make a complete backup of your Zorin install using a program called Rescuezilla .... it will clone your entire OS including your partitions so if you decide you want to try Zorin again you just insert the thumb drive the Rescuezilla is stored on and copy your saved backup file it to a HD of your choice ....

If you are interested I did a tutorial here with photos .....

Rescuezilla How to Make a Backup

We need a bit more info .... how did you install Zorin .... Delete Win 10 and install Zorin ..... Install Zorin alongside Win 10 or Something else ...... which is the custom way to install Zorin ????? .....


I mean that literally. I don't recommend that Win10 users panic until 2025.


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