How do i revert back to windows

New linux user here, i tried to use Zorin, but there are way too many things that i need that arent available in linux. primarily dragon center, which sets my performance settings, and fan speed. when i uninstalled windows and installed zorin it was left on a setting that has a default low fan speed that doesnt go up until the surface of my laptop is hot enough to cook eggs on.

i really need to switch back to windows 10, and i installed the iso onto a usb stick, but in order to install windows the hard drive partition needs to be ntfs, not whatever it is now, and i cant figure out how to change it.

You can use the Windows Partition tool in a LiveUSB boot of Windows. Or you can use Gparted In a LiveUSB Boot from your original install .iso. Either way, you must boot from your LiveUSB version of an OS.
I am not as familiar with the Windows Partition Manager as I have not used it in a while.
So I will detail how to do so on Zorin LiveUSB.
After booting the live media, launch gparted from the app menu or from terminal with


In the Partition tool, click on the partition that contains Zorin OS (ext4) and then click the (-) button to delete that partition.
That partition will now show as free space.
Click that free space and click the (+) button. A popover window will appear asking how to format that partition. From here you can choose it as Primary with the format as NTFS.
Once formatting is complete, boot your Installation media for Windows and follow the necessary installation prompts.

cant, its the partition im using and it also wont let me

Please see here:

how do i do that?

Use an .iso burner like Rufus or Balena Etcher in the same way you did when you made your bootable LiveUSB of Zorin OS when you installed Zorin OS.

do i need to download another zorin iso to do that?

If you no longer have that .iso or the USB stick you had used to install Zorin OS - then yes.
But if you are installing Windows - do you currently have a LiveUSB of Windows?

i have a usb with windows written onto it, but trying to open it leads me to installing windows, cant do anything else

I am honestly not sure on the specific Windows steps and I'd rather not give poor instructions on that.

Do you have any download limitations or bandwidth restrictions? Usually downloading the Zorin .iso is pretty quick. You may opt to download the Zorin OS Lite version if it is quicker.
Also - a spare USB stick to burn the live image to?

my wifi is slow, and i can probably find an extra usb stick

i found a usb stick, and i am currently downloading zorin again.

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In windows installation, it eventually allows you to pick the device. Prepping the drive prior to installation is a better choice though.

The drive can't be in use to format it. Live usb is necessary to format the drive.

I would suggest dual boot until you familiarize yourself with Linux.

All fan controls can be adjusted in the bios, most of the time.

idk what bios is or how to access it

You can look up how to access BIOS settings for your laptop online(it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer).It is generally accessed by pressing some function key while booting in

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