How do i set up wifi

how the mud do i set up the wifi on lite os

i dont have the auto wifi looking thing for some reason incited i just have the advents wifi

how do i fix that


Wifi is often a PITA on Linux. You can sometimes get it to work with some elaborate procedures and then an update will break it. Usually it is best to upgrade your laptop's wifi card. Me, I got this $7 dongle for my desktop. It's only 2.4Ghz but after a moderate distance, that doesn't matter much. Getting ~50mbps at the far end of the house. Plug and play.

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Please open a terminal and enter:

sudo lshw -C network

and post back the results.

My WiFi/Bluetooth card on my Asus Laptop went out several weeks ago I bought a dongle from Lazada but couldn't figure out how to install it .... Aravisian graciously provided instructions on how to install it through the terminal ..... it has been going strong for almost weeks with out a single glitch ....

There is a post on here somewhere with the instructions and info on the dongle .... I also looked up on NewEgg and found one just like mine but without Bluetooth .... so if you don't need Bluetooth this will work just fine ....

Aravisian's instructions on how to install the dongle

i do have a wifi card
and it shows but...
i dont have the simpel setting on finding wifi
insted i must put it in all manual and that doce not work with my wifi
how do i install the settings app that the full zorn os has
so then i dont need to manual put it in

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