How do I Update to the Best Nvidia Driver for My PC?

I see Graphic lag on my PC and believe that the drivers are not correct how do I install the best Nvidia drivers supported for my PC?

P.S.:- DiD all auto updates and nothing fixed it!

Have you tested the X-Swat teams updates?

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

If you are daring, you can use sudo apt full-upgrade.

Reboot and test...

It is important to note that it is quite rare that installing directly from Nvidia will help. The Proprietary Drivers available by Jocky in the Software & Updates > Additional drivers are the same drivers you can download from Nvidia. In cases where installing directly from Nvidia helped - it is most likely because the first install had a corruption in it.
I have actually followed up on this and checked it due to user posts on the issue.

The Software & Updates > Additional drivers tab should note what is recommended for your device.

So do you want to install the drivers via --- ???

apt search nvidia-driver

driver name = nvidia-(version number you noted)


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
ubuntu-drivers devices
sudo apt install [driver_name]

Already did that!

Yeah, How do I get the Perfect Driver?

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Reference from this Link

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One thing to be wary of is assuming the solution and then asking for that solution.

I advise following @ghostminator 's good post and advice.

But if it does not work... Then it would be reasonable to consider that your Graphics lag may not be caused by drivers.

Other things to check:

  • Overheating. I use a conky to constantly monitor my GPU temps.
  • Power supply. Voltage variation or lack of needed wattage.

I am Checking, But I suppose the Drivers are different.

As I suspected PC was using 391 and recommended is 515.65πŸ˜‚

This is very odd... if you have already run the x-swat updates...

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Desktop gone black?

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

Also, did you reboot after changing the driver...

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Back again!
Checking for Lag😟

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Yeah I did that!


Check for new Updates First.


Did that, VLC working fine now. I will wait for while to notice any further lag.

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Everything is Fine thanks.

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I have download newest from this websides linux. How to install that?
Found instruction here.
sh ./ -s
After that command sh ./ --add-this-kernel
BINGO!!! Now my computer is more responsivity,stable and running faster with booting. Test on games. Yeaah. xD
First impression it working better i will check on mission in a game but 40 FPS is nice. Game working without some freezing. Nice

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What that means?

Looks Like a Warning, To Stop users with Ubuntu lower than version 18.04 updating to the particular driver. But, No worries Zorin is 20.04 :wink: