How do I use Zorin Lite on a live USB?


I'm looking to get into linux and saw Zorin as perfect fit, me growing up with windows and all. For now I would like it if I could get Zorin Lite on a USB to be able to carry it around and so I tried downloading it on a 2.0 64Gb NTFS USB using the latest version of Rufus and alocating persistant storage as I've seen being mentioned in another article. I have tried creating a file and restarting the software but it still does a clean wipe after loosing power. Am I doing something wrong and if so how do I fix it?

Most thumb drivers are only good for so many uploads and downloads so if you intend to be using your USB drive daily a USB SSD or HD like a Passport would be a better choice ..... however they are a little large and heavy to carry around in your pocket especially a shirt pocket .... but something like a sling back would work just fine .....

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I don't have much experience booting from USB with persistent storage, but maybe these can be of help?

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If you can put it on 3.0, that would be better. Running an OS on a USB creates quite a bottleneck.
I would recommend checking out Ventoy for easy and reliable Persistent boot.

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Hi, I would still only like to do it on the USB its not like I will run complex programs I just want to get a feel for the OS before deciding what I want to do and while keeping all the files on it. Because I have not yet downloaded it, does a window like this appear and if so what happens when you click the "Something else" option?

I just used live Zorin without installing.
On pendrive Zorin will working very slowly.
If you have ssd external small pendrive then this is better choice.
Zorin Live is best choice because installing more software will be very slowly or will be freeze.

Honestly the problem is that I can't get the full release on the usb, I have tried getting the .iso file on another 3.2 USB but when I try to go and install the software it just freezes. I'm starting to think I should just get lubuntu on the USB and install Zorin when I decide to switch to linux.

You can trying version 15.3 Zorin xfce it is more lighter and better working on usb. The diffrences is not to big.
I remember i used my pendrive in school to using better privacy and don't using a operating system what was installed on a computers in school.
Besides in many office on computers people using windows 98
I mean goverment a computers with firewall administration.
What kind your pendrive? It is Sandisk , Samsung or some cheap broken not working pendrive with fails size. Linus Tech often talking about that.

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