How I converting icon themes

Here's a little video where I'm working with Inkscape converting one of my icon theme to a new one.
It's a tedious job... :wink:

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That is an awful lot of time and work to do the icons .... no wonder no one wants to get into creating icon sets or if they do they only use a dozen icons .....

I was a bit disappointed when you said you were dropping the pastel icons but after viewing your video I understand entirely .... and you are exonerated ..... :+1: :grinning:

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Thanks - I'm also going to make a Forest Green:

Screenshot from 2022-07-27 03-26-15


Oooooooh .... a frog color .....

Dancing for Joy


It is something this method like a here?

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Good tip ....... Photoshop is a great tool but way to complicated for me to use ....

Why don't you setup a macro that does some of that for you. You can have it open a file, copy the icon without the background, close the file, open the previously edited file, delete the icon and paste it in. Then all you have to do is modify the colors manually and save as.

It may be a pain to configure, but once right would save you a load of time. You could even use background templates instead of having to delete the icon from the file.

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