How long will zorin be supported for?

From what I've heard in dated videos, Zorin will be supported for another 7 years. This was before the windows 11 announcement that made a lot of people switch to linux. Is there any official word on how much longer this distro will be supported?

There is a big difference between an LTS release Support date and how long a Distro will be supported.

I think what you are asking about is how long the Releases are supported for.
Zorin OS 15 is supported until April of 2023.

Zorin OS 16 will be supported until April of 2025.

How long the Zorin OS Distro is supported: Indefinitely.
As long as the ZorinGroup remains...


I see now, thanks!


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Thats in fact interesting.
May i have a question, if you buy pro-version, is update to 17 pro free, or do you have to buy again..? ^^

Each release requires a purchase in order to cover the costs of developing each release.
Zorin OS is what the ZorinGroup do full-time.

You wouldn't expect to buy a car, then when a new model is released, be able to "upgrade" to the New Car for free just because you bought a previous model, would you?

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No, i wouldnt. But in times windows updates come free, its an important question for many users. I know, windows is much more expensive than zorin!

39€ is a good price for pro-version. But in fact you have to think about when you gonna buy it. Means: if you wanna buy and its not much time to next version!

Shouldn mean im against this modell^^ i think with next windows version after 11 a monthly cost modell will come.

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Windows is making money by other means. Some of them questionable... But primarily by switching to a different business model.
Windows (BASE) OS comes free now, but you must pay for Services. Like Microsoft Office. This is a Subscription service, now.

Zorin OS does not mine, steal, sell or collect your data to make money.
There are no annoying advertisements included in Zorin OS.
There are nor annoying advertisements on this Forum.

Windows is a 2 Trillion dollar company, by selling their products more to Manufacturers, then to home users. ZorinGroup ... is not.

More to the point, Zorin OS Pro is a want. It is a means of supporting development and ensuring that the ZorinGroup are "paid for their hard work and time."

But Zorin OS Core, Lite Education are all FREE.
Due to this, Windows users having expectations of "free OS" already have that expectation met.


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