Will Direct upgrade be ready for Zorin OS 17?

Hello so is their any way user can update from Zorin Os 16 to 17 (I mean when it comes) without data loss and without apps lose?

Note: Sorry to ask a silly question but I am new in linux so I don't know how I will be able to upgrade as I have set up Zorin Os very properly and when Zorin OS 17 will come I don't want to do all the things again so is their any option in which we can update just like we do with windows.

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Once the Zorins implement the upgrade feature, you should be able to upgrade from OS 16 to OS 17 yes. But if the Zorins continue doing what they have done in the past, chances are the next two releases will be rolling releases, not LTS's. But either way, if the upgrade option was indeed baked in, we all are gonna appreciate it.

With POP OS, we already have this feature...

So as it is with many things, I suppose the jist of it is, patience is key.



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I do not understand this statement. Zorin OS has always been LTS, non-rolling release.

ZorinGroup is actively in development of a Direct Upgrade Path that they hope to have ready during the run of Zorin OS 16. If so, then yes, you will be able to perform a "do-release'upgrade" style at that time, to directly upgrade to Zorin 17 when it is released.
However, this function is not yet available. Anything you read on reddit claiming otherwise is Wrong and can break your installation.


So in short you are saying it's not possible I will have to lose my data. right?

Thank you so much I will be happy if ZorinGroup will make something like windows updater no data loss no apps loss everything back just like user just rebooted system.

OK, however IDK what reddit is :slight_smile:

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A discussion website of many topics, unrelated to Zorin OS or ZorinGroup.


@Aravisian @StarTreker There is a bug in this discussion I am unable to select solution before that I selected but now it's not showing any option.

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At the moment it is not possible, if/when it gets added is unknown.

If it is important to you you can give Pop! OS a try, that one has a upgrade function for the next releases. They are running on 21.04 and i think 21.10 will be released this year as well

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I had split this from the other topic as this is a separate question in its own right.
I placed it in the Feedback Forum to ensure it is in a place ZorinGroup will more likely see it as they review user feedback on Zorin OS.
Feedback Forum does not have the Solution option since the threads are or for giving general feedback, not solving OS Problems.


As you said I gone to their website and by seeing their unprofessional website I am not gonna shift and however Zorin Os is the super ultra pro Os for me as I tried too many options but it's something smooth clean and good looking.


Please review here:

If you would like to be emailed by the ZorinGroup to notify you of the Release of Zorin OS Direct Upgrade.

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Aravisian, there were intrum intrim, whatever the word is, releases that were not LTS releases in between version, this is commonly known, they were not all LTS releases. OS 10 OS 11 were not LTS's, but they were released for a short time before OS 12. Then there was OS 13 OS 14, agian, same deal. OS 15 was the LTS. They were not all LTS's is the point.

Ask Azorin and he will back me up, cause he created the OS's, no better person to confirm what I know is truth.

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I would not call it unprofessional, its simple and easy with alot of usefull info.

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Hello I see it's the same newsletter that I subscribed 20 minutes ago, so no worries I will be updated.


There never was a Zorin OS 13 or 14.

“The reason is that this is actually the 15 version of Zorin OS. In between Zorin OS 1.0 and 2.0 way back in 2009, we released a version called “Limited Edition ’09” [so] we decided to take the opportunity to correct the version number with this release.”

Interim. :wink: Interim releases are the decimal releases, like 12.4, 15.1, 15.3...

I am not sure about Zorin OS 10 or 11 as that was way before my time. I was still on windows, then :open_mouth:

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I hope the Upgrade program will not only be from release to release but also from Core to Pro within the same release.

No no no, you can't do an upgrade from CORE to PRO, that would be a direct violation in terms, because CORE is free, comes with less layouts and APPS. And PRO costs money, and comes with extra layouts and APPS. So to put simply, it goes like this...

If you are on CORE 16, you will be able to upgrade to CORE 17, 18, 19 20, etc.

If you are on PRO, you will be able to upgrade to PRO 17, 18, 19, 20, etc.

Same way for LITE and education as well...


Well i do understand his question, a upgrade from core to pro could be added. Windows does the same thing :wink:


I didn't say it was to be done fro free... I've installed the Core to check it first before investing in the Pro version.

Now, that I like it after configuring everything to my needs, I'd expect an upgrade of the system to go smoothly without having to reinstall everything, after I paid for the Pro version...


Maybe @AZorin or @zorink can give more details on this.