How to add a folder shortcut to desktop on ZorinOs 16

Hi, I just installed Zorinos 16 and I can't figure out how to add a shortcut to a folder to the desktop. Can someone tell me how?
(Please bear in mind I am a Linux noob, I don't know how to use the terminal).

Let's find out if this guide is helpful:

I need to create a shortcut to a folder, not a program. When I right click on the folder there is no option to create shortcut. I tried Ctrl+C and then right clicking on the desktop to see if there as a "copy shortcut" option but there isn't.

Ok, in that case, please open a terminal:

Let's see if you can create a symlink to the folder. replace (/path/to...) with your actual file paths. The first path is to the folder you want a shortcut for. The second is for the location of the Symlink (your ~/Desktop path):

ln -s /path/to/file /path/to/new/location

You can also do this:
Right click on the folder (whose shortcut you want to create)-> Click on "Create Link"-> Cut the newly created shortcut link and paste on your desktop.

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I had a bit of trouble because my os is not in English but it eventually worked, thank you.
But now I have a new problem.
The shortcut (to a folder in a secondary hard drive) gives me an error message telling me the path doesn't exist until I manually access the hard drive, once I do it, the shortcut functions normally. This process resets every time I boot up the computer. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

I don't know why, but my right click menu has a lot less options than yours. There is no Create Link option.

Is it set to mount at system boot?

What do you use? Nautilus? Nemo?
I never tried anything else rather than the "Files" which came with Zorin OS 16. Perhaps others can help on this regard.

Yes, it is.

Ok, let me try and come right back.

I just installed the OS and didn't make any modifications. I am using the native files app from zorin.

I was previously using Zorin 15.3 Lite, and another difference I noticed is that the secondary drive, as well as any connected usb drives would appear in the Desktop. Do you know how to activate this feature in Zorin 16?

This is a different matter since it is on another drive. Is that other drive formatted in ext4 or NTFS?

NTFS. It has Windows installed on it.

NTFS does not support Symlinks.

When I had Zorin 15.3 lite it gave me the option to simply create a shortcut, it was a seemless and windows-like experience. I don't understand why I can't do the same in Zorin 16.

As I said previously, the shorcut you helped me create works normally after I access the Hard Drive.

Maybe because it used XFCE.

It's ok, I am moving too fast and slightly brain-dead.

The symlink is on Zorin to the folder on the other hard drive.
The Symlink is not on the second hard drive.