How to change color of XFCE Panel Icons & Text

I just did a little Customization, but what I have observed is that the panel icons & text color are dependent on theme. If I use ZorinBlue-Light Theme then the panel icons & text would be black. Also if I change icons from ZorinBlue-Light to Fluent then some icons like that of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turn White...
And if I go to Status Tray Plugin Settings and Check the option for request symbolic icons, then the Wi-Fi icon turns black but still no effect on bluetooth...Check it out in image below:

The Bluetooth icon is least visible...Also if I disconnect from network and go offline then the Wi-Fi icon also disappears:

And now just imagine if I want my Panel to have dark background, and all icons and text to be white but all the while following same Fluent icon theme and same ZorinBlue-Light system theme:

So is there any way of controlling panel text and icon color?


Yes, you can create a custom gtk.css in your ~/.config/gtk-3.0 directory.
Symbolic icons affected by the theme are determined by the color property, the same way that text is.
I would need to actually examine which classes you would need to add this property to...
So off-hand... as a clue that since you are good with customization, may help...
The #000 is black and the #fff is white - change the color property to the rgba or hex color code as needed:

 #xfce4-notification-plugin:hover, #xfce4-power-manager-plugin:hover, #pulseaudio-button:hover, #indicator-button:hover, #sn-button:hover, #showdesktop-button:hover, #xfce4-clipman-plugin:hover, #xfce4-notification-plugin:selected, #xfce4-power-manager-plugin:selected, #pulseaudio-button:selected, #indicator-button:selected, #sn-button:selected, #showdesktop-button:selected, #xfce4-clipman-plugin:selected {
     color: #000;

I actually handle this a little differently on mine... by not using the symbolic icons. This is done by using the property { -gtk-icon-style: regular; }

To see the changes, rather than log out and in or restarting your entire desktop - you can hit alt+F2 and enter in xfce4-panel --restart


Will surely try out what you told and update here soon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The rounded corners look a mouse has eaten from it.


Well thank developers of the Theme for such great corners and it's just a matter of personal preference...
For me they are great but might be for your taste, they might be awful. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:





Nice Brother :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks Sister


Welcome Sister :joy:

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-sigh- when it comes to aesthetics, there is no possible debate. It is better to refrain from making negative comments on what you think something else looks like in regards to how a person chooses to theme.

I do see the point that on some rounded corners on some themes, the edge is sharper. This is easily corrected if a person feels so inclined...


Indeed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Everyone who likes round corners will say that this is ugly. It's a forum, people can post their opinions about things. Yes it is HIS choice to use it, but this what i noticed first when i watched his pictures.

Is this forum only meant for postive feedback @Aravisian ?

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@Michel opinions can be posted but the Language also needs to be taken care of...
You could've remarked your opinion in more of a formal or positive tone....But still no one's stopping you from posting your opinion...
But more of a formal or positive tone encourages developers towards an optimistic approach... Just Imagine you made a theme and there are two remarks...

Remark1- I don't like it at all. This theme looks hell ugly....
Remark2- Overall the theme is nice but there are few areas where it can be improved and then it will truly look great....

It's the tone that Matters. Both cases want to tell that theme needs to be improved. But it's the language that matters....You post your opinion and no-one be it @Aravisian, Me, or even Developers are stopping you. Rest is up to you. THANKS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am not going to change my tone, what is wrong with some users here lately :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

I am not going to say and slime "maybe the developer should consider to change the round edges, because they are not looking perfect to me"

They are ugly, period.


I like rounded corners...but I have to agree with @Michel here..they do look a little ugly...But the "developer" of the theme (i.e. fluent theme) is vinceliuice who is my favourite theme creator. So far, he has done a very good job of creating themes...My kubuntu desktop uses layan theme, tela icon theme, orchis theme, and tela grub...all are from the same "developer".


Just discovered...This is not the fault of the theme creator...
I just ran a Zorin Lite live USB and this is what I found.
I guess the Zorin devs need to fix it.


Rounded corners are harder to theme than square ones. The Zoom-in shows why.

Don't distort.
What I said Stands.

You have been unusually rude and abrasive as of late- Posting the Goofy Pear pictures to mock a poster. Posting ill-advice that was unwarranted and after some progress in the thread, shown to be false. Not to mention your aggressive chasing after Bourne.
Or here, where you had no idea whether this poster had previously had assistence with the dual boot install. Assumptions and accusations.

Actually... Yes, your tone needs changing and if you choose not to, a choice can be made for you.
Your recent turn toward belittling and mocking others has gotten more attention than what help you have been offering.

This forum is a place where new and experienced Linux users seek assistance, not mocking and dismissive posts.
If you believe those are shielded as Opinion, you will find yourself sadly mistaken.


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I realize that mine have it also but since I don't mind little things as this (cause what's important to me is that it will not affect my workflow) then I unconsciously ignore.

Depends on where this came from, like if it was from DE thing all I can say is that fixing that part to be so smooth is something I don't know if it will be easy. UI/UX thing, in order for the design to be implemented, it needs to be coded. Coordinates etc in coding to create a perfect or smooth round corners isn't easy (well css have it already but since it wasn't part of the theme, I don't think simple CSS styling can solve it)

Im currently using Zorin 15.3 lite, it other words, its not just in 16 but also in 15.3. There common denominator is XFCE. Anyone knows what language used in creating XFCE?


It is actually pretty easy.
However, since in this thread, yet another poster has expressed a desire for a larger Grab Area to resize windows on Zorin Lite; I have decided to expand the Zenith themes to include an XFWM4 theme for Zorin Lite (Zenith is a Zorin-like Theme made to accommodate Cinnamon Users wishing to use ZorinThemes).
I will make these themes with smooth Rounded Corners, so any of you that wish, may have an option for that pre-made for you in Zenith.

Generally, the same as Gnome. XFCE, however, like most other D.E.'s has a Window Manager which gnome lacks. Gnome relies solely on the .css file to render the borders, instead of a Window Manager.
XWM4 is written in C and GTK.

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