How to change Dash to Dock theme

Hello guys,

I am curious how can I change the theme of Dash to Dock.
Do I have to change the CSS file or there are something just like Plank's themes?
If I have to change the stylesheet, Can I have the ZorinOS dock CSS file?


Here's what I know, any APP or extension that is GTK+ based, will have its theme follow your systems theme. So if you don't like what you see, change your system theme as I have, and so it will change as well.

The only APPS that I am aware of that would nto change with the system theme, are SNAPS and FLATPACKS.


I assume your using the 4th layout of Zorin Appearance? (standard Gnome), and then installed the dash-to-dock gnome-shell extension?

You should look at its configuration dialog, either in Tweaks or the Extensions app.

There are many settings, but specifically for the theme, look at the Appearance tab. It can be set to follow the system theme, or optionally you can change some aspects of that, like color, opacity, and compactness. But, no gradients from what I can see.

I'm not aware of a stylesheet.


Thank you guys,
Yes I am using Gnome look layout, and the extension has no enough configuration to change the look.
Anyway thank you both of you @Topaz @StarTreker

So the solution is, manipulating stylesheet.
I grab the Zorin Deck CSS file and replace with the main Dash to Deck, now I have a cute dock.


I like the purple :purple_heart:


Yeah, I like purple too, Unfortunately I can't choose the black folder color by default, so I choose my second favorite color, Purple

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