How To Give Your Machine The Star Labs Theme!

Star Labs machines come with Zorin OS on them, and they come with a wicked awesome looking theme package. But if you don't have a Star Labs machine, you can still get the theme they use.

Step 1: Command to enter terminal


Step 2: Commands to install repository, update, and install theme

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starlabs/beta

sudo apt update

sudo apt install starlabstheme

Step 3: Command to install Gnome Tweaks

sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

Now, click on the :zorin: logo bottom of screen and type the word TWEAKS. Open it and navigate to the Appearance tab.

Step 4: Please set Applications, Cursor, Icons, and Shell, to this...

If done correctly, even your mouse cursor should have changed.
Screenshot from 2021-10-11 13-22-14
Enjoy your new Star Labs theme, and remember, you are positively stellar! :star2:


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Awesome work! Does this theme work on other distros as well ? Something like Pop! OS ? :laughing:


Since POP OS is built off of Ubuntu as well, and also uses Gnome shell, it should! Keep in mind this is a full OS theme replacement. I noticed that it changed my boot loading splash, my login background, as well as all the usual stuff.

The odd thing is, after several minutes later, I noticed my desktop icons changed, why? I have no idea. Maybe cause of a conflict somewhere, who knows, but this is what they look like now.
Screenshot from 2021-10-11 16-30-11


Very nice, for me i prefer "W9-Dark" theme but again that is a personal choice.


Yes, I am also running the DARK variation of the Star Labs theme. They also have a LITE version of their theme. But thats for people who don't suffer from eye strain, and enjoy things bright white, and in their faces.

I however, have a photo light sensitivity, and I can't stand bright white anything really. And these modern TV's and monitors produce so much contrast and nits, you'll pop your retinas out, so I got the brightness turned down on my screen as well lol.

But ya, I am a sucker for dark themes, I like it dark. On my POP OS installation, I am running Material Black Blueberry.
Material Black Blueberry 4.0 Theme With Numix 2021 Icons On POP OS 20.10
As you can see, the two themes are similar, but not the same. And this is not a full OS theme replacement like Star Labs is.



There is a huge unresolved problem with mesa driver / AMD / Intel GPUs. These dark themes are really awesome and help a little but many folks suffer from severe eye strain vs. usage on a Windows system. As much as I love Linux it is a huge deal breaker for me and any solutions would be God send. The issue even persists in a virtual system which is really weird. (For those interested >> display - Laptop screen causes eye strain on all linux distros except Ubuntu and elementary OS - Super User)


Changing over to a GTK+ dark theme helps immensely with eye strain, its why I do it, well, it looks awesome too lol.

It is typical however for internet browsers to use their own themes however, and will continue to have bright white backgrounds. That is an easy solution too though, cause they make dark theme extensions for both Chrome and Firefox to fix that for you.

FLATPACK APPS throw me through a loop though, as I can't figure out how to theme them, as they don't respect the GTK+ system themes, as per their nature, they operate within a sandbox of their own accord.


@bobJones , what about the solution provided in the link you posted? Does it not work for you?

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after sudo apt install starlabstheme the terminal shows this
The repository 'Index of /webupd8team/sublime-text-3/ubuntu focal Release' does not have a Release file.
please help!!

Did you add the repository first?

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starlabs/beta

Then your going to want to update...

sudo apt update

Then your going to want to install

sudo apt install starlabstheme

It is possible that something could have gone down with the server, if so, I have no control over that, and the server owner will have to fix it eventually.

Alternatively, you can get this theme manually at the link bellow...

Please note however, this would be considered the manual install method, as such, it won't be as easy as a PPA install.

You might just be patient and wait to see for a server resolution at some point.

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I do love how Material Black Blueberry looks and have installed it but what is Murrine theme engine and how to install the newest and correct version? Will that change the other parts of the UI/DE to dark as well with Murrine theme engine installed? I noticed that programs are dark but the Notifcations and other system GUI is in the light theme.

Screenshot from 2021-10-29 13-19-35

The murrine engine is default installed on Zorin OS and is the latest version.

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I'm kind of amazed at how many people are liking Material Black Blueberry over the Star Labs, but hey, they are both great. If folks are going to use the Material Black themes, hopefully you guys remember to change your icons as well. For me, I prefer the Numix icons over Saru, but thats just me, each have their own tastes.


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It is OK, no one is perfect. :grin:


Forgive me. That last post about the murrine engine was on my Pop system and not Zorin. I have Zorin on my laptop and don't have that issue. So posted that question in the wrong place. :stuck_out_tongue: Should I delete the post or am I forgiven?

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I defer to the post above: