How to change the default repositories on the Software app

I've noticed that the Software app by default tries to download flatpaks from the repository, even when there's a regular package on the Zorin OS repository (for example Steam)... This for me is highly undesirable as flatpaks require more space and I only wish to use them when there's no package available, is there a way to set the program so that it may default on a different repository?

Having to select it manually every time is a bother and often I forget, meaning that I end up unintentionally downloading the flatpak version and unnecessarily wasting the limited space on my system.

P.S. This is just tangentially related, but do you know if there's a way to filter the installed programs on the Software app? ...It would be pretty useful to see which of the program I installed are flatpaks and need to be reinstalled... I know that on the terminal it's possible with commands such as flatpak list but for me it's more convenient doing it in the GUI as I have a cr*p memory for names and while I may not remember the names of all the software I installed I do recognize the icons :-P.

I don't think source prioritization in Gnome Software exists in Zorin. The more recent versions of Gnome Software does have a hidden option, but we'll likely have to wait for Zorin 17 to get it.

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If you want to remove flatpak, I created a Tutorial here:


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