[How to] remove snapd and flatpak ... should you wish to

I don't know if the security issues are still the same (apps having root access, no sandboxing), this also could apply to 'app images' as discussed in this 2018 YouTube video by Distro Tube - and now it appears to be no longer there!
Anyhow if you prefer not to have snapd on your Zorin install, this is how to remove it:

Commands under the video.

If you also want to remove flatpaks follow the guide here:

Whilst it is aimed at Linux Mint it also works under Zorin 16 as does the snap removal instructions.
However, a word of warning! When I removed flatpak in Plasma it did warn me that xrandr would be removed - so now I only have one working monitor - a downside of the way things are going in Linux - too much interdependence equals reduction in user choice which is what GNU/Linux is supposed to be about in the first place!


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