how to disable the grub start window

hello today I downloaded zorin lite 64 but from the page because version 2 has problems, I updated zorin lite, I reset everything as requested and it was ok next time I started the grub start window popped up. in this window that I have windows on a different partition, when installing zorin, I chose the option to delete the partition, then I chose to create a partition as it should, so there was no windows files on the disk and here this window before starting the window with the system selection, how this window can be removed, would disappear ..

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Hi @ireneuszlicy, welcome to the forum.

In gparted, under the system category in your app menu, you will be able to delete the windows boot manager partition and recovery partitions that normally remain after removing windows. Then you can open the terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and type:

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

Change the grub timeout value to about 5 secs (you don't want to change it to 0 in case you have issues and need to access grub). Save and close gedit.

In terminal again type:

sudo update-grub

Let us know if this helps you.

Edited the command, indicated the wrong location. It has been corrected to /etc/default/grub

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eriously nothing helps changed as you wrote, and gparted has no other partitions than this one of the zorins

Do you have multiple drives in your machine? The device is at the top right of the partitions in gparted. It's a pull down list to choose different physical disks. Is there more than one? The other may contain the two partitions i speak of. Did you adjust the time in grub and update so that it shows for a shorter period?

Are you using zorin lite 15.3? It's unclear which version you have. What do you mean version 2 and 3?

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Thank you for further advice, but she tried so, I formatted the disk under linux mint, but I formatted the disk for my computer and installed it after installation and when I started with the shift key, it was no longer visible that I had windows. Then I set these 5 seconds or 1 second and there is no choice of the grub window, but it does not react immediately and these 5 seconds I see the frame and only starts, but better if it was maybe this distribution zorin lite 15 version is important that it is still ok, thanks, how by version 16
the core was stable because as the live version was bad, not everything worked after opening the window was empty if it will be ok, it will be possible to update to the new version without reinstalling zorin ..

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Zorin 15.3 Lite is latest version of Lite (XCFE desktop), whereas Z16 Core or Pro has Gnome desktop.
What is the spec of your PC? That would influence which flavour of ZorinOS is best for you.

Also have you looked at this advice: Before you install

Maybe you could post a screenshot of your Gparted display to illustrate your disks and partitions.

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when I am at the computer, I can take a screenshot, and now it is also on another Linux mint disk, but I can see that the mentioned zorin version is more stable and you can have a chrome browser in this version. And going back to the topic from the aforementioned Linux via USB, I removed the partition format completely, I did not set it to active only during the installation of the mentioned zorin, it installed correctly, after updating all packages, the reset was ok because I made time for 5 seconds as a colleague gave here what and how similar it has mint and now it's ok it works as it should in the matter I asked you there is no this window even when starting I kept sift and there was nothing from windows but if it should be so that I do not see the option to choose grub and a moment the frame but I think it should be like that and I am glad that what I asked is ok, and as for 2 SSDs, I am still NTFS, but if I buy an SSD, I will transfer the files needed for an SSD with a Linux partition system, it would be ok because I have important files there ..

My laptop is HP elitebook 8470p CPU parameters Intel Core i5-3210M
Processor clock frequency 2500 MHz
3100 MHz Integrated graphics
Intel HD Graphics 4000 8gb ram 2 SSDs 180 GB Intel ja Linux and 500 GB SSD crucial for data..

You have to edit grub and delete the windows string. After that update grub and reboot. The menu is gone

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I don't have windows files anymore and as stated by Harvey 337 and I changed the grub timeout value to about 5 seconds and that's ok, I just can't see this window, but there is a frame that is now and disappears and the windows files are not on the disk. in the window like I called the startup grub at the bottom of the list there was a partition with the word win 10 and now when I start and hold shift nothing niue ma ..

I really recommend 10 seconds on Grub Timeout. Less than that seems too short to reach the Recovery Menu if needed.


I now have 5 seconds, but it does not change, I understand with the more frequent and faster the system will start..

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