How to enable click to scroll function?

Practically brand new Zorin user here. So far this OS has everything I need from windows, but I really miss having the ability to click the scroll wheel to move up and down a page. I found this guide: "Scroll Click for scrolling" not working (ZOS 16 Core) but the folder where it says to create the "00-mouse.conf" doesn't appear to exist on my machine. Can anyone help with this?

Thanks to this post, I discovered a typo in that original thread. I have corrected it.
You can create the directory xorg.conf.d if it does not exist.

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OK, I managed to create that directory and got the file in there. Doesn't look like anything's changed, it still does the default paste behavior.

I just created a regular text file and assumed that the .conf part would change the filetype but now looking at the properties it's coming up as a "plain text document"


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That is normal... It appears that the file is not working.
I just tested this on my machine and got the same result as you did.
Which suggests that the latest drivers have depricated that functionality.

Let me keep looking into this... I also miss this feature and at some point, I had given up on it.
Maybe time to renew the search.

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Cool, thanks for the help

Gnome users Zorin Core Chrome Based Browser Users may have some luck with this gnome-extension:

In Firefox, just enable autoscroll from the general settings.

The above relates to browsers, not the system.
I have edited the post above to counter some of my earlier cranial density.

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Isn't that just a browser extension? Or is does it somehow affect the rest of the system as well?


Yes, it is a Browser... not Gnome extension...
It was late... I was tired... and a little stupid...

Edited post above.

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Lol Happens to the best of us, no worries

Did you ever find anything out about this? Everything else about Zorin works great, but this would come in really handy when editing long documents

I have found nothing... but I did end up installing the auto-scroll extension. Which works well in the browser.

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