How to get live wallaper without the weird terminal thing

i come from windows and i used to use a software called MyLiveWallpaper but now that i switched to linux i can't put live wallpapers without the weird thing in the terminal that i can't do is there a software that allows me to put live wallpapers simply by downloading the live wallpaper and choosing it?

as I wrote in the other thread, use Hidamari. It's in the software center.

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Linux, like windows, has a learning curve. The things you find annoying or "scary" will become second nature as you use them. Unfortunately, some of the best ways to install software, configure your system or make changes is done by the terminal. Both because of the power it offers, as well as the simplicity and efficiency. It may seem daunting, but you will not damage your system unless you overuse sudo or working in an elevated terminal. There are constantly warnings and checks to ensure that you only implement commands that you know what they are doing.

Start by using the terminal to update software: sudo apt update then sudo apt upgrade. What these two commands do is check the internet for system updates that are available for you system and installed software (except snap and flatpak packages). The other is to implement the updates available. It is quicker than the software updater (only by a few seconds, but still) and it gets you into the terminal. Try reading through what commands are available by typing help into the terminal. Get familiar with pwd (print working directory), something you may recognize from windows - dir or it's linux counter-part ls. Both of these list the current directory's contents. Anything in the ~ directory is your home or user directory. cd <path> will move you around. Try out cd Pictures and you will see that you are in your pictures directory. While it seems foreign, it can be quick and allow you to do things in a minute or two, while using a GUI program may take longer.

Just because you are not yet comfortable with it doesn't make it a terrible way of doing things. Understand it, then form an opinion. This isn't Window$.


thank you for explaining everything i am new to linux so im still getting used to it thanks

u gave two ways wich one is better?

That depends. The easiest way is just install Hidamari from software store. The lightweight (which uses less resources is the link I provided). So if you just want to point and click go for Hidamari, but if you want to fine tunes your computer use the link I proveded.

You could also use Make Your Linux Desktop Look Beautiful With Dynamic Wallpaper. I have used Storm's way, but I didn't like that it didn't replace the wallpaper, but ran above it, below all other apps. I'm on KDE on Zorin though, so found another solution that worked for me (animated image plugin).

my laptop is kinda low end not bad but low end so im gonna stick with the link u provided but now I don't have my laptop i will try it and get back to you in the morning thank you

the one u made is kinda confusing me is there a video on it?

Why don't you try Hidamari instead, you can always remove it (it's a flatpak) if it take to much resources.

allright i will test both of them in the morning and get back to you

flatpaks don't work with me idk why

What error do you get?

i download the flatpak i double click and it tells in the software store can't install

Close all software store and/updater. Open the terminal and type;

sudo flatpak install io.github.jeffshee.Hidamari

if any error pops up, please post them.

thank you for responding so quickly but as i said i am away from my laptop at the moment and will get back to you in the morning

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When I first switched from Windows to Linux, all I did was complain. And ask "isn't there an EASY way to do this?"
Repeatedly, I had to talk myself out of switching back to Windows.
Now... there is no going back. I cannot stand how tightly controlled and hard Windows is to use compared to Linux.
Remember your Self Confidence. You can do this. And once you do, you may also not want to go back.


i never said i wanted to go back to BloatOs i am just slowly getting used to the terminal thank god there is this forum

Been google around with this one, try run;

flatpak repair
flatpak install --no-static-deltas
flatpak install io.github.jeffshee.Hidamari