How to go back to the previous directory just by double clicking on ubuntu

i'm new in linux, when I used to have windows 10, I had an app named Clover which I could go to the previous directory just by double clicking in an empty space. I wander is there any way to do that in ubuntu too? if yes, I will appreciate if you tell how to do that.

thank you

In the top left corner, just click the back button. You can also right click the back button and you will see all the places you have been, and can access them with a single click.


I think it's up to the file manager to do it (not a key combo) but currently it can't. Then setting this behavior manually would be a pain, I think :thinking:.

detect(doubleclick)_in_focused_window do{previousfolder}

I'm good with codes :sunglasses::rofl:.

thank you. I know that. but I just want to do it via double clicking. you know somehow programming the double click to do so.

i'm willing to experience that pain :sweat_smile: .

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can you plz hellp me ?

Probably wouldn't take much to make a shell extension for this, but out of my expertise. There is also a keyboard shortcut for this.


Yes, since i use Nemo File manager on Zorin OS, I can suggest you use the same.
Open File > Preferences > Behavior
Then check the box for "Double click on a blank area to go to the parent folder"

sudo apt install nemo



I don't see Navigation section on my Keyboard Shortcuts, weird, we're both on Core. Maybe you're using a different settings software, in fact the layout I see on your screenshot is different from mine. Not a problem though, sometimes I use only ctrl + c to copy text, ctrl + v to paste text and Windows logo + tab to switch my opened software.

Wow, exactly the same feature, now Kamisema only has to replace Nautilus with Nemo, if wishes.

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Aravisian is on lite not core.

But I see Nemo on Software Center, so it's available for Core users, too.

At the bottom you will see there are 3 pages of shortcuts. Navigation is the second, Editing is the third.

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thank you so much.

does it work in Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS too ?

Yes, you're right, I was watching on the wrong place :person_facepalming:, I was on Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts and I forgot that I can see Nautilus custom ones from there :smile:. It's an uncomfortable keyboard shortcut though, because while using a hand on the mouse to click, drag and select with the other hand we can't hold alt and ←, both keys are too far to each other for a 2-hands easy browsing. For example to use the 3 keyboard shortcuts I mentioned previously I can with one hand while keeping the other on the mouse.

Yes, it does.
That version used Nemo 5, as well.
I am using Nemo 5 on Zorin OS 16 currently. The only major difference is the inclusion of more Search Functionality.

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you're a savior. thank you.

but it seems every time that I want to use it, I need to run it from terminal. is it right ?
is there any way which I can replace it with main file manager ?

After installing Nemo I think you can uninstall Nautilus as Nemo is a file manager, like Nautilus, so you have 2 software that do the same thing, not so useful. Unless for testing or trying to make a choice of which one to keep.

Nautilus is integrated into the Zorin Core Desktop if on Core. Do not uninstall it.

To make Nemo the default FM, ruin the following one at a time in terminal:

xdg-mime default nemo.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons false
gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons true

Can't be uninstalled even after setting Nemo as default? Is Nautilus integration too strong to be “eradicated” safely?

It is true of many D.E.'s that the file manager manages the Desktop.

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