How to install Arc Browser (.appinstaller)?

I have a .appinstaller file for the Windows Arc Browser install. I've installed Bottles, but when I try to run the .appinstaller file, I get a pop-up saying File not found.

Is there a way to install Arc Browser / run a .appinstaller file in Zorin?

The Arc Browser is for MacOS, not GnuLinux nor is it available at all on Windows OS.

Arc Browser currently has a waiting list that Windows OS users can sign up to.

If you have an Arc Browser Windows installer, I would consider it highly suspect since the Official word from Arc is that they have not released any versions for Windows.

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Arc Browser has been available for a little while now! I have an official email from them with the link to the Windows installer file, which gives me the Arc.appinstaller file :slight_smile:

They need to update their webpage, then....:thinking:

Please take a note of this thread:

As the described issue sounds very similar to yours.

Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE about this? It wouldn't be the first time people have been tricked by this type of gimmick:

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Yes, absolutely 100% certain. I was running the Arc browser on Windows before I switched over to Zorin full time.

Here's an Engadget post about the Windows beta.

Thank you - it looks like Bottles doesn't support the .appinstaller extension/format. :frowning:

It looks like this is for the private beta version, which is not the same as "being available". I just wanted to make sure that you, and others who may read this, don't get tricked by getting emails from the developers as it's a common type of scam.

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Arc has officially released an exe for windows. Did anyone have any success running it? When i didn't open any dialog box.

I just came back to the forum to ask this question! I have an .exe file now, but the Install Windows Applications option doesn't work. Neither does PlayOnLinux. :frowning:

Arc is now publically available on windows, did anyone find a way to install arc ??

looked at their website , and by the looks of it i can well see that that browser looks very resource heavy ...
so not sure what the hype is about .
i'll stick with brave or vivaldi (even opera) thank you :stuck_out_tongue: