[How-To] Install Bottles (wine/lutris alike)

Today i installed the application "Bottles", this one is also a windows application runner using wine and create it's own bottles.

I tested this one on Pop! OS 21.10 and needed to update some programs because i used the bottles .deb package.

  1. Download and update/install libhandy-1-0_1.5.0-1

  2. Download and update/install gir1.2-handy-1_1.5.0-1

  3. Download and install the bottles application. If you select appimage you need to give the file permission to run it. I used the .deb package for this tutorial

  4. Open the application, let it update and install the runners.

  5. You see this screen, select create a new bottle

  6. Now you see this screen, select the one you need. I chose gaming

  7. I added the name Games (because i want to try it out), click next and wait a few moments.

It take some time...be patient.

8. Bottle is created

9. You see this screen now

  1. We select the >
  2. Now we see alot of stuff to configure
  3. Select the second option, you see this.
  4. I am going to change it to this.

  5. Now go to the programma's tab and hit the +
  6. Add a game exe file, in my case i select Horizon Chase Turbo
  7. Hit the play icon and the game fires up

*. If a game does not run, try to add some dependencies.


Tested bottles and i really love it, performance wise i think it's better then lutris.