How to install (to menu or desktop) TeamViewerQS - the QuickSupport one

I need a way to have just the QS QuickSupport TeamViewer module 'installed' and available for a non-technical user to simply click on.

(I reviewed both "I can’t install teamviewer in Zorin OS 16.2" and "How to install teamviewer app on zorin", which referenced "Install TeamViewer Zorin Help" As I say, those are for the Full TV Client, not the QS mini app.)

WHAT I tried, as I need the QS (QuickSupport) NOT the full client.

Downloaded: teamviewer_qs(15.47.3).tar.gz
TeamViewer QuickSupport
v 15.47.3
type tar.gz
It saved to Downloads
Expand the GZip into its folder (still in Downloads), the folder is named "teamviewerqs"
I can double-click the "teamviewer" executable and it runs and provides the expected mini-window showing just:
TeamViewer QuickSupport, with the Your ID and Password fields populating after a few seconds.
So looks to work perfectly from there. However,

But, I am trying to make this findable for the Zorin user, who is not a technical person. So having it be in a folder in Downloads is not a permanent situation.
I tried sending a alias-shortcut to the desktop but it does not actually invoke the TeamViewerQS program, instead offering me the choices of:
Execute in terminal, Show, Cancel, Execute. I've tried them all, and the expected Execute button just causes something to very briefly flash on screen then nothing.

Does anyone know of a way to allow an icon to make TeamViewerQS run from the Desktop or Toolbar/taskbar/panel, or perhaps from the Zorin Start menu?

(I know that TeamViewer does not want you to "install" the QS, as they normally try to make you run it from a disk image in both Mac and Windows. But I have been able to 'install'/copy the executable to Programs or Desktop in Windows, and Applications or Desktop in Mac. I just don't yet know how to do that in Zorin/linux.)

You need to make a .desktop file and place it in the user(s) ~/.local/share/applications directory.
Properly make the exec=sh -c "commands"

A .desktop file could look like this (you need to fill out the right information).

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Slay the Spire
Comment=Play this game on Steam
Exec=steam steam://rungameid/646570

Would it not be simpler to create a symlink on the desktop and make it executable?

The app is locally on his user. To place it it in /usr/share requires him to place the app in root.

Thanks all.
Just an FYI, it turned out that the Teamviewer that I downloaded did most of the steps when I re-tried it. File downloaded was:
And it ended up creating the program directory:
And it also created its own 'desktop' file as:
/home/username/.local/share/applications/teamviewerqs/ teamviewer.desktop

Then it populated the Zorin menu, so I was able to assign it as a Favorite to the bottom taskbar/panel.
Which was a good thing, as I was unable to figure how to create a specific .desktop file from the above instructions. (Blame my lack of familiarity with such a linux task...)
So I think I may be OK on this situation now. Though yet to test the connection from a couple of remote tries.

If I have further notes, I'll post.
Further tech details:
Also, I found a multi-platform similar tool named HopToDesk for Win, Mac, Linux. I may give that a try if I encounter other issues with TeamViewer, see next.

Note that I did discover that now in late 2023, TeamViewer seems to be requiring that I as the remote tech person, running the "full" TeamViewer program, now must create a TeamViewer account login and use that before I can connect to any TV-QS remote computer. Maybe it's a way for them to more closely track who uses the free TV sessions and how much time they are using it for? (and upsell to the too-expensive (to me) paid annual subscription.)

For reference, following is the actual 'desktop' file the TV-QS created (with only change being actual user replaced with "username"):

[Desktop Entry]

Name=TeamViewer QuickSupport
Comment=Remote control solution.


(And on a final postscript, I found the FSearch program to be super helpful to me in finding the various pieces of TeamViewer after this whole process. It's a good linux replacement for the wonderful Search Everything engine of Windows.)

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