How to make the Steam window bigger?


I am using a WUHD monitor. That's why the Steam client appears too small compared to other apps. I changed the aspect ratio in the display options, but steam doesn't apply. Is there an option to change it separately in this case?

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Please note you can attach a picture or screenshot to your forum post using the "Upload" tool (7th icon from left) on the Reply box toolbar. Some forum users dislike clicking links to 3rd party image sites to view screenshots.


thank you for telling me.
I tried to upload, but the file size was large, so I wrote it this way after receiving a notification to replace it with an external link.

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I am not a gamer, so cannot help with your Steam display problem.
I will flag @Michel who may be able to help, as wrote this:

Enable the text and pictograms based on monitor in the interface section.

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