[HOW TO] Recover usb from faulty flash by balenaEtcher

Hi all,

Today i will create a small tutorial to recover your "so called" killed usb stick. balenaEtcher is a tool that kills the usb faster then installing a iso on it. With luck the iso will be installed the first time of use, after that it's failing and failing and failing. I tried to recover the usb in Windows 10 using commandprompt and diskpart. Windows 10 was not able to recover the usb.

In windows 10 i used a tool called MiniTool Partition Wizard Free. This tool is the only tool so far that is able to recover your dead usb stick.

Windows users:

  1. Download and install the Minitool Partition Wizard
  2. After installation run the application
  3. Locate your usb stick and select it
  4. Right mouse click and select "Delete all partitions"
  5. Select the drive again
  6. Right mouse click and select "create"
  7. Format in fat32 (or anything your want)
  8. USB is recovered.
    *. With 1 of my sticks it failed these steps, you can do a full wipe with zero or ones, it takes some time but the usb will be back to live again and you can follow step 6-8.

For linux: I need to sort this out "if" there is a program to restore the usb, in the meantime you can use Minitool Partition Wizard in wine if i am not wrong.

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