How to reset log in password with terminal prompt

I just purchased zorin os 15.2 and just started learning how to use the operating system because l am new to it. About six weeks using the system l forgot the log in password. l tried the online support but not working. Is there any way l can use terminal prompt to reset my log in password.

When you boot up, at the GRUB menu, go to the advanced options for Zorin and enter recovery mode.

Select “Drop to root shell”.

passwd username

Where username is your username e.g. passwd james.

Enter a new password.

Press Ctrl+d to get out of the root terminal and resume the boot.

You should now be able to login with your new password.

how do i get
to the grub menu

Hold left Shift or repeatedly tap Esc.

this does not work is there another way of opening it?

See here for help: