How to see Zorin OS version

How can I tell which version of Zorin OS I have (Lite, Core, Ultimate) in a live session before installing it?

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Hold CTRL ALT F2, enter the following command in terminal.

cat /etc/os-release

This will tell you what version of OS you have, which version of Linux Zorin is coded on.

To be honest, this has been a question asked a lot on here, and there is no easy way to find this stuff out when it comes to Core, Lite etc. Its one of the things that I am hoping the Zorin team will fix in the new OS16, to give users an easy way to find that stuff out.


Also see: How do I find out what version of Zorin I have?

That thread explains the difficulty determining whether you have Lite, Core etc flavour of Z15.3

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Thank you, but it only allows you to tell if you have Core or Lite by looking at the DE (XFCE for Lite and GNOME for Core / Ultimate) so there is no way to tell if I have Ultimate

Thank you, I hope they address that too because it really causes unnecessary confusion.

What is your output from StarTreker's command? I am running Ultimate and that command does not tell me that I have Ultimate running.

On your installation media, opening the files README.diskdefines and .disk/info will give you the information. Note that for those files, Ultimate Core will only show "Ultimate". Ultimate Lite will show as "UltimateLite". Core will show as "Core".

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That is a bit like me sticking a label on my USB with "Zorin15.3Core" written on it.