How to solve this error in Software Store?

When i am trying to get updates in the software store i get this message?

Is this serious or how can i solve this?

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Gday @Jonte ,
This maybe caused by a connection issue.
Please refresh your computer modem & router ,
Hope this may help.

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Also make sure your source for updates is set to 'Main Server', not your country's locale server.

Start Software Updater, then cancel/stop it. Click on Settings then go to first Tab and make sure your Software Sources are pointing to 'Main Server'.

Use Software Updater, rather than Gnome Software channel.

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Is it safe to use this command from the terminal to solve this problem ?
Screenshot 2023-04-14 11.16.25 AM

No i wouldn't run that command,

Have you tried any of the above suggestions?
If so please tell if there is any changes to each suggestion as a result my indicate what the issue my be.

Did you refresh anything?
Have your tried a different sever?

Keep us informed

Note you also posted same question here: Is it safe to use this command

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I got fed up with so many errors that I stopped using Gnome Software Store. :melting_face:

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For experience, the most common way to fix issues with this “good store” :unamused: is terminating or killing it. But personally (and probably even anyone else that passed some minutes or hours using it) I'd like 1 more option to destroy it though :smiling_imp:. Do you know how to terminate or kill it?

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No? :sweat_smile:

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Right-click the taskbar > System Monitor > Processes > right-click gnome-software > Terminate > open GNOME Software again and try what you wanted to install. Use Kill if Terminate doesn't fix.