[HOW TO] Speed up Zorin OS 16

This is not a full guide within a post, but rather a link to an outside resource that is very extensive and good.
Link good as of 18 July 2021, but I have saved the information in an offline file should the link go dead prior to the end of its usefullness:


I was consulting the guides on this site some years ago when I was moving from Ubuntu Mate to Xubuntu and finally to Mint XFCE. It was especially helpful for old and slow systems including my HP mini netbook. On the more up to date desktops, I could not feel much effects of optimisation.

Interestingly, the author of this site is dead set against system optimizers. This is his view:

The irony was that this was how I discovered Bleachbit. As someone pointed out elsewhere on this forum, I must have still kept the spirit of rebellious 11 years old :wink: I checked out the app and found it being a Linux equivalent of CCleaner - which I have been using over 15 years on Windows. And the rest is now history.

Just like some negative reviews on Amazon (It is too small for average size human = it is a perfect fit for minion like myself) negativity sometimes proven itself useful in a certain context.

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I share his view...:stuck_out_tongue:

I am not dead set against. Rather cautious about. Optimizers can be useful and do what they say they will do. They often do little or even can do harm.
An example of this is gtkorphan GUI - which can easily lead a user to completely perform a form of autoremove on all apps that came installed on the OS utterly destroying the build.
That said, I use UbuntuCleaner and Bleachbit.
If it is simple, helpful and works then... It is simple, helpful and works.

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Ah, the truce revealed :wink:
For my husband and his daughter, I set the (safe) options in Bleachbit and told then "Don't you touch this!!" :laughing:

I use a sledgehammer when I'm cleaning my computer...

/me needs a break from icon building


I feel your pain. Vigorously.

I showed my son how to use them and let him have at it.:stuck_out_tongue:
On his computer, I set it up, then showed him the root password. Explained how it works; then let him do his own thing.
In over a year and a half, I never had a problem with that computer. I spent more time on here helping to examine other users problems than I ever did helping my son with problems on Zorin. The most trouble I had was setting up his webcam for school during Covid Remote Learning - because I had never set up a webcam on Linux before.

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When I was using Hackintosh, every update was a minefield. My strategy was making a disk image using Clonezilla and create a point I can easily revert back, if anything failed.

If you prefer the GUI over CUI, there is now a app called Rescuzilla which is based on Clonezilla.

Actually I gave my husband Resuzilla on a USB key for Christmas gift last year - a very nerdy gift to exchange in an eccentric family. He gave me a half year supply of Exspesso beans in exchange :coffee:


Due to an inability to keep them out, many pre-ground coffee products can contain as much as 10% ground up cockroaches.
Just dropping some knowledge on ya. :smiley:

I am quite aware of it. When you read the food hygiene regulation, it reads like a horror story how much "foreign matters" is allowed in our food supply. Once upon a time, I was a food science major at a Canadian University. I know, it sounds so unreal, but my life is way more convoluted than that of an average human :wink:

My (current) husband got those beans ungrounded and I made 250g vacuum sealed packages then kept them in our German made (very) deep freezer (up to -32 C).

In fact, I do the same thing for Japanese tea which is very perishable. I usually purchase 2 kg commercial package from a teahouse in London (least expensive way to buy it) and create vacuum packages in a small portion, throw them in a said deep freezer. They can easily last over 2 years without any noticeable deterioration.

Now I see why your PC was broken :smiley:


whats your recommendation for chinese tea?
i have a few rare ones in the house, but never froze them, air locked in the tins etc, but in a city with temps from 20-45 Celcius.

I am now WORRIED!!

My posting is about "Japanese" tea.
"Chinese" teas are different kettle of fish.
They are way more durable like black tea.

Arrgh. I've done it again= (Sorry Diversion Warning. I think I have steered this further off-topic.)

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Hilariously so :stuck_out_tongue:

Should I create a new thread for "how to keep tea and coffee for an extended period without deterioration"? But I did not see the category for "household tips 101" :crazy_face:

Well this is the "Tutorials & Guides" section after all, and that is what you have given us. Maybe you can explain how that relates to Zorin OS 16. Maybe drinking Japanese green tea provides caffeine that makes it seem to run faster ? :upside_down_face:


Problem is that Japanese green tea :tea: contains way less caffeine than coffee :coffee:. My recommendation is Italian Espresso for that purpose :crazy_face:

I think the forum does need an "Off Topic" subforum.
Most forums I have ever been on do. But I have not wanted to approach the ZorinGroup with smaller Forum Suggestions (Some current members could be elevated a level...) until after the release of Z16 so that they can have some breathing room.
And so we can have some Zweet 16 Lite.


We certainly need such categories. Volunteers also need to have some fun!

It allows building rapport, as well as some arguments. :stuck_out_tongue:
But the most important aspect is it brings Humanity. A pure HelpDesk is sterile and stuffy. There need to be areas that are not.
I think more Moderators are needed in anticipation of that. See above, lol.

That said, there is "The Lounge" but that is restricted to level 3 and up only.