How Zorin works with printers?

The few times I have used my (Brother) printer I have had to get Zorin to 'see' it, connect up with the (downloaded) drivers and THEN it eventually can be seen in Settings. The next time I want to use the same printer, there is NO printer in Settings an I have to go thru the same rigamarole all over again.

Does Zorin create and keep printers (ready for use)? Would those be always visible in Settings? Should there be a 'shortcut' on the Desktop? I would like to understand this so using my printer is a smooth and simple click task. Thanks.

My Brother AIO is plug and play via wifi. Tho I did have some glitches in the beginning.

Try unplugging the printer, rebooting PC, then plugging printer back in.

Also, clean your memory and slots with 91% alcohol. I'v had far fewer probs since doing that.

If the Brother printer you have is not listed in Printers section, the easiest method is to install the .deb package if there is one. Can you please remind us of the model you have? I will do some delving.

OK, started delving and found your original post which had a digit missing from the printer you have. I have found this one:

The toolkit which is the first one is a .tar.gz (a zipped file) which can be ignored.

The ones we want are the .deb packages for 64-bit (GNU/)Linux:

system freezed - back shortly - nautilus crashing!

The first one is the printer driver:


Then the second one is for the scanner:


Then a button utility (scan to PC) - something Canon could do with!:


And if you use your machine as a fax:


I would use all of these packages and install with Gdebi Package Manager and install gdebi via terminal with:

sudo apt install gdebi

Then launch gdebi:


Then use File command on the menu and go to the first driver in Downloads, the printer driver:


After it is installed it will tell you it has installed:


Next do a system update via the terminal and any upgrades needed:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Next reboot the computer - doing that now!

Next go to Settings | Printers:

and Voila, the printer is there!:

Obviously there is no point installing the scanner, button function, fax drivers as I don't have that printer.

Click on the cog for some useful utilities for the printer.


Thanks for the very helpful assistance with this install. The reason the model #s were different seems to be due to my being in US and you in UK. But I did find the US downloads so good there so far. Will follow your instructions now to install on my Zorin (Core) system and then report back success or hang ups.

(edited with update) Installed all with Gdebi Installer and Printer is in Settings. Clicked on cog and made this my default printer.


I shall be looking to see if this Installed printer remains in Settings. I do not keep the printer on until it is being used. Will see if that effects it showing up in Settings.

From experience with work and home, if a networked printer, switch the printer off but if it is plugged in, don't turn off the wall socket switch - this makes the printer lose all it's network settings!

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Good to know what will happen if printer is totally turned off. It seems that printers have phantom loads (like tvs, microwaves and most any other electronic items.) As electricity rates continue to increase, that is not going to be appreciated. (Its like having a small hole in the bottom of a water tank :wink:. I would hope that the Zorin coders would update to have a 'saved' folder for Printers and other peripheral equipment.

You have to remember that GNU/Linux is not Windows, and vice-versa. Plus, Zorin Devs have no control over the main projects of Gnome and xfce (Zorin Core and Lite respectively).

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