I am trying to get a right click menu option that converts any image to PNG. Need Help

I am trying to find a way in linux where I can have a button in the 1st level right click menu that converts any photo to PNG, I also want to select multiple files at same time & do this. Windows OS had all kinds of tools that did this exact thing & was incomparably easier to set up.

I have done a lot of research on how to do this in linux, here are the ways & problems I've come across, I need someone to help me & walk me through this:

1.) I installed this nemo script, and it often will convert a photo to PNG, but it will only do one photo at a time. I need help from someone to finetune the script to convert multiple photos I've selected also.

2.)I tried this method & it was a nightmare, I got stuck at the installing "pip" with python part.

3.) I tried this program:

you have to open the program window & drag & drop any photos you want to convert, it doesnt offer a right click menu.
This program didnt work for me at all.
I got two errors with this.
1st error:
I tried to drag/drop a photo & it gave me an error.
"Conversion failed.
Result code: 1
Output: magick: unable to open image '/home/username123/Downloads/_334651167_164522319351962_8214800137230508080_n.jpg': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/3570."

2nd error: when i drag & drop an image from my "GNOME Online Account" synced google drive folder,
it gets stuck on loading, doesnt work at all.

Please help. -Thanks!

Converter should be in the right-click menu when you select one or more files from Files - you have to click on "Open with other application" to see it in the recommended applications. It works.
Screenshot from 2023-03-09 07-22-26

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Hello you can try this guide

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You could try converseen and build a right-click context menu button.

"In Ubuntu 20.04, users can build a right-click option for converseen by installing Arc-menu Gnome Shell extension (sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-arc-menu) and reinstalling Grub2 (sudo apt install grub) using the Terminal in the live environment.0"

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I use a photo program called XnView MP (Multi Platform) it has the ability to choose batch name and batch file changes to your photo collections .... I do an awful lot of batch filing in a week and it works just fine for me .....

It takes some getting used to but it is the closest thing to Irfanview on Windows that I have found for Linux ..... Gimp drove me nuts as it has way to many bells and whistles for me ....


This might be something @Mr_Magoo might be able to assist with. He's an exceptional bash scripter. If this interests him, you might find exactly what you want with his assistance.

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No, no, no, no, no.

The difference between an exceptional bash scripter and myself is that an exceptional bash scripter would foresee the catastrophes he's headed toward, and avoid them.

I hack my way toward them, blunder headlong into them, crash my way through them, stumble out of them, recover from them, then go onward mumbling "Well, that sucked. Let's try not to do that again."

It's been nearly a month since I've had to reinstall the entire OS because I've done something I shouldn't have done. That's progress over my prior near-daily reinstalls, but just barely.

You can assume that for every script I've posted, I've crashed my computer multiple times, likely had to reboot at least once, and for the more complex ones, accidentally wiped at least one setting, file or drive. When my computer stops crashing when running a script, I assume the script works, and if it's potentially useful for others, I post it.

Please don't ask me to crash other people's computers, too. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


It's a context menu for group video conversion...how would that crash a computer? I'm sure you'll find a way.... :rofl: :upside_down_face:

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@Topaz , after trying your advice with the "Converter" program, I came across a few issues. When I select two or more photos to be opened up with the Converter, it doesnt automatically convert to PNG when I do this, it asks for file name & what file path. 2ndly, when two or more photos are selected, it forced me to zip them in a zipfile & also doesnt offer option to automatically save in same file path, i have to find the file path they were originally in,etc. Thanks anyways though. :slight_smile:

@Adithyansm , in order to do that, I need to install "nautilus-extensions", & that wont install unless I install "python-nautilus", & then that wont install unless I install "python-imaging", & that one no longer exists & so I must install it another way, which these instructions are only for the advanced experts in ubuntu,python & Zorin.

I need someone to help me with the askubuntu link guide.

@swarfendor437 , how do i "reinstall Grub2 (sudo apt install grub) using the Terminal in the live environment.0"?


I've just seen if installing Arc Menu makes any options, it doesn't.
What is needed is Nautilus Actions (available through Synaptic Package Manager). When installed it creates two items:

Nautilus Scripts Manager:


and FileManager-Actions Configuration Tool:

I think to get what you want will involve writing a script which I could not do to save my life. If I right-click an image in my photos folder I get this option:

Which isn't exactly what you are after but the best a non-scripter can do I am afraid.

Just to Add there are two Arc Menus in Gnome Shell extensions - a dead project (Arc Menu) and the current one ArcMenu:

Which has quite a lot of useful 'tweaks' in its Settings!


How about a Nautilus script?


@swarfendor437 , so i installed Nautilus Actions & all that & converseen & configured it, but i still get no right click menu button/option. I am using Nemo & Nautilus File managers.

I think Mr_Magoo's post is the way forward. I am no scripter.

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Hello everyone, I still havent found a tool that works yet, but the creators of this one (LINK) are trying to help me.

We've realized that I have nautilus version '3.36.3', and the extension is built for 43.x. Will that effect things? And is 43 newer? did they mean 4.3? can i upgrade to 4.3?

Zorin OS 16 is using Gnome 3.38 and Nautilus version 1:3.36.3-0ubuntu1.20.04.2.
Your Gnome Desktop Environment and shell are 3.38.

Gnome 3.38 is the latest and last GTK3 version.

Gnome has recently introduced GTK4 and set the new gnome as Gnome 40 (Not 4.0).
Gnome quickly released 41, 42 and 43 versions in a short amount of time, due to Gnome 40 being... quite new and green...

You are not able to "upgrade" Gnome on Zorin OS to Gnome 43. It calls upon too many system files that would need to also be adjusted and replaced.

Gnome 40+ and GTK4 have both caused a lot of ripples and rifts in Linux. They enhanced some features and made som major improvements and bug fixes. But they also removed a lot of features, including essential Desktop Features from the GTK toolkit and this affects all GTK desktops including XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate and so on. They instituted LibAdwaita, that locks their preferences in, regardless of the Distro or the User's wishes.
Normally, we would all just look forward to the next version.

But this time, it is quite different. We are now heavily divided as Gnome uses force to dominate the Linux Desktop. Those that support it are feverish about voicing their support.
Those who do not are feverish in voicing their dismay and warning of what this will bring in the future (I had previously warned about Gnome pulling a stunt like this and sure enough several months later, LibAdwaita was announced.) To put this into perspective, much of what Gnome Devs are doing is what upset people with what Microsoft does with Windows.

There are many caught in between that find the drama and conflict confusing and are less concerned about which side to pick as much as they are annoyed at having the prospect of having to choose a stinkin side.

It seems likely to me that the ZorinGroup will proceed with Gnome43 in Zorin OS 17.

To me, personally, this is akin to lending support to a company that uses a product that tortures animals. I loath it.
When Zorin OS 17 is released, I am undecided as to what direction I may go in. I may move on to another distro and may participate on their support forum. Or, I may move on to other interests in projects. Or I may continue to try to help out on the Zorin Forum for all non-gnome issues.


Yes it can affect things,
nautilus 43 is way newer
In zorin 17 maybe gtk4 apps will include

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@Aravisian , Interesting, thank you for explaining, well i guess the good thing about it is that its all open source & all the new gnome 40 code can be edited if you know code, unlike microsoft or Apple. Also, what are the disadvantages of choosing to stay with GTK3 & not switch to GTK4?

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There really is only one important disadvantage, which you have noted: Gnome40 extensions will not work in Gnome 3.38

And Gnome users rely on Gnome Shell Extensions quite heavily.

And this turns more interesting as Gnome has succeeded to some degree in stamping out user expression, they next want to put an end to Gnome Extensions that they feel:
"are a niche thing" are "hacks" and "detract from the Gnome Experience."

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