I cannot open XDE Connect on Zorin Pro Lite

Hi, I installed Zorin Pro Lite on an old laptop, and I'm very much a novice. I saw that there is an iOS app for XDE connect and I should be able to connect my phone to my laptop. I downloaded XDE connect on both devices, and I am able to open XDE Connect settings on my laptop, but not the main XDE Connect app. I was able to find my laptop in the app on my phone, and they connected successfully, but I just can't open the app on my laptop to use it. Any suggestions?


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I'm unfamiliar with XDE, But i do believe KDE/Zorin connect is now compatible with both Apple & android devices,
Can also be installed on Zorin Lite.Zorin Connect the easy method
Also here:Zorin Connect missing from Pro 16 lite - #3 by Aravisian
On that note, KDE is also compatible with other phone Connect app's.

As far as the XDE app not opening , Unless someone comes online that is familiar with XDE, you could try searching the XDE/Linux setup.

Hope this may help,
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I did find something called LXDE i assume it's the same?
As pointed out by @Aravisian My mistake with the LXDE please ignore this, Ty Aravisian.

LXDE isa a desktop environment, no relation to the Connect apps.

@ekill13 , did you mean KDE Connect?


Sorry, I meant KDE

Sorry, yes, I meant KDE.

Thanks for the links, those are relevant, and I set created the firewall rule as outlined. However, my phone was able to connect via KDE connect settings before, and I still am not able to launch KDE connect on my laptop. I've tried restarting, but it did not seem to have any effect.

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KDE Connect is what I use, as well.
It is not really an APP that launches, though the "KDE Connect Settings" app should launch. The app marked as "KDE Connect" won't launch a GUI. It just runs in the background and listens for a connection.
The "KDE Connect SMS" is also launchable as a GUI for use in managing SMS messages from your computer.

However, you mentioned an iPhone. iPhone is tricky... and I am not sure if KDE Connect is fully compatible. It might be for a moment, til Apple breaks that...

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