I cant install it, balenaEtcher flash failed

I can't scan it, because I can't format it.

I just got the flash drive.

Awesome! Like, formatted - good to go 'got'? haha

I'm stepping away for a moment - I'll be a few min but coming back !


I think I just need to wipe the USB drive, but I can't format it for some reason. I did a step wrong by putting the ISO file on the USB drive itself.

Won't have any effect - unless you're using Ventoy. If Etcher gives you some issues definitely check out Ventoy or Rufus as well for alternatives.


My USB is not working at all.

What do I do? When I
format it, it bugs out.

And does a error.

Sounds pretty consistent with a failed device - how old is the USB drive; and what manufacturer? And did the scan give any results that would suggest otherwise?

If you have an Android phone / device, you could use an OTG USB adapter to mount it and format there, or on a tablet. But, it would seem to be failed from the descriptions..

I was skimming around this: https://www.howtogeek.com/904285/fix-windows-was-unable-to-complete-the-format/#method-2-use-disk-management-to-format-your-drive - has some ways to check and see if something's preventing access to the drive somehow, and disk health checking / error checking.. Do you have Admin user privileges on your Win user profile? I'm assuming so, just something in the possibilities.

It's a memorex, and I just got it today.

And I think I have admin.

I have no known viruses either.

What is the size of the USB?

If you don't have admin rights, you probably are being blocked from doing so. If you open Settings, then 'your info' - do you see anything that says 'administrator' like:

Screenshot from 2023-11-04 20-05-41

16gb. and I'm administrator.

Well - without having another device to test, I'm gonna have to say it's bad from the description of what's happening. You may very well solve the issue with a reboot - Windows is like that sometimes lol but not a possibility I would rule out.

Take it to another device, if you can - any device - playstation, xbox, smart TV - whatever has a USB that can read data from it, test it out. If it's not readable on any device - definitely bad.. But would absolutely try a reboot before anything else.

What do I do after the reboot?

Same thing as before, try to get a format that doesn't have errors.

Does not work.