I cant install it, balenaEtcher flash failed

When I select the file, it says flash failed. [Now, when i tried it, there's a formatting fail, and I can't wipe the drive.]

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I'm going to try to wipe the drive.

Cant wipe it.

If you're trying to 'burn' the Zorin OS .ISO file to a USB stick, you have some options:

  1. if you have Windows, you can use the free CD Burner XP Pro to 'burn' the .ISO file to the USB stick.

  2. If you already have a bootable version of Linux, you can go into the Disks application, select the USB stick, select the '3 vertical dots' button at upper-right, select "Restore Disk Image", select the Zorin OS .ISO file, then set it to burning.

  3. You can 'burn' Ventoy to the USB, then just drop the Zorin OS .ISO file onto the larger of the two partitions on the USB stick (it'll be the big, empty partition)... you don't have to extract the Zorin OS .ISO file or change it in any way, just drop it onto that partition. You might also download the Win10 PE .ISO file, so you can boot Windows or Zorin OS. I use Windows to update the machine's firmware (since the files only come in Windows-specific formats).

To wipe the drive:

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Welcome! :smile:

What OS are you using? If you're not liking the Etcher setup, you can try Rufus - here.

Also, have you ran any health checks on the USB drive itself? It could be failing in terms of not able to work properly - have had this happen to me many times before, especially so with cheaper stuff :smirk:


I just got rid of two USB 3.0+ sticks... kept getting a faint whiff of magic smoke, so I started investigating... the two sticks were too hot to touch (and I wasn't even transferring data to or from them). SanDisk said the newer USB sticks do tend to run hot, but that's ridiculous.

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That's my PNY 3.0 USB.. So, you're not wrong on that! haha

Windows 11.

With a 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600KF processor.

Gotcha - you could do this:

Format the USB in NTFS -
Mount the .ISO file, the ZorinOS installer -
Copy all the files from inside the .ISO file -
Then paste in the blank USB, the 'root' of the drive

After that you can boot from it!

That setup shouldn't be a problem though, not for making the bootable :thinking:

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The formatting of the USB did not work, but I was able to mount the .ISO file. Should I continue the steps from there?

What kind of error did you get; can you include a screenshot of your result?

Wait, I see a DVD drive; but the error was just "Windows was unable to complete the format"

Wait.. DVD as in the mounted .ISO?

It's "DVD Drive (E:) Zorin OS 16.3" Fully.

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I think.

Gotcha - the DVD part took me off track lol ..

Okay - so you're able to see it, not format.. Are you using Disk Management to do the format? If you can see it in the Explorer window (file manager), are you able to run a disk check on it? You can also use format /FS:NTFS A: in CMD, where A: is the drive letter of the USB you're tying to get going.

Just a thought: have you used that USB drive for any BitLocker activity?

No to each. I can see it though.

Do you have another computer you can temporarily use to format the USB with? That doesn't sound good - but definitely would try to scan the disk for any errors. Right click, properties, then at the top Tools - under error checking select 'check' - then select 'scan and repair drive'. Do post the output of the scan :grin:

No, I don't have another computer. I'm going to try to scan it.

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