I can't install Zorin on HP 15 - black screen

Hello everyone! I have a new HP 15s-fq2019 ur laptop with Free DOS. I can't install Zorin. The touchpad does not work and after I click on "Try or install Zorin OS" a black screen appears and nothing happens. Can you please tell me what to do about it?

Make sure to install zorin in uefi mode (installer you download will be for x64), turn off fast boot in windows and the bios and disable safe boot. Then you should have less issues. You didn't say whether you were installing zorin 15.3 or 16 beta. I would go with 16 beta because it performs better and supports newer hardware (you may run into multiple hardware issues if your computer was made after June 2020, due to a lack of support and drivers). Also make sure to check the hash for the downloaded iso to ensure it doesn't have errors.

Also have a look at advice here: Before you install