I cant use an external display when I install Zorin OS on my laptop

Hello I bought the pro edition and February and I am just in love with the distro. I actually used it as my main linux distro and it allowed me to stop distro hopping. I used it on an old lenovo laptop I had. However recently that laptop broke and I got a new one.

My laptop is an hp ENVY X360 2023 with intel IRIS XE graphics
My laptop is very new and what made only a few months ago. It worked well on my past laptop. I use ventoy to install Zorin OS on my lenovo laptop and it installed and worked just fine. However when I did that same method on my new laptop it would just freeze and just turn into a black screen. And I know it worked because I used it just fine on my past laptop. So what I did next was I flash the iso using a tool called rufus and it would boot and install. However my issue is that even after I install it boot and loads however it does not show my external monitor its just the main laptop screen that comes up.

Please try the latest Tux Invader mainline kernel:

And see if that helps resolve this issue. Your Iris XE may be a later generation than is supported by anything less than the latest kernel.

Yeah I was thinking my laptop might be so new that its not supported yet.

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The old Lenovo probably use MBR and new use GPT. Your usb stick is formated in MBR and GPT can not see it. Redo the usb stick in new laptop (GPT) and see if that will cure it. Before making new stick, I would disable the secure boot. By default, all new laptops(computers) are set to uefi.

I have an HP 17-cp1035cl laptop with IRIS graphics. While I don't use an external monitor, I have plugged in (via HDMI) a projector to watch movies. It works.

Look through my prior posts to see all the hoops I had to jump through to get ZorinOS working on this machine... none the fault of ZorinOS, all due to lazy UEFI programmers.

You'll also see in my prior posts a method of updating the UEFI on your machine (HP generally only provides Windows-specific files except for servers). If you don't have the latest UEFI, try updating it to see if HDMI starts working.

Also in my prior posts... the method of using Ventoy to format the Ventoy USB stick as GPT and putting ZorinOS (and Win10PE) on the Ventoy USB stick. Then you can drop any distro's .ISO file onto the Ventoy USB stick to try it out... but I'd keep ZorinOS (and Win10PE) on there. The Win10PE is for updating your UEFI (and your Elan touchpad firmware, and your SSD firmware (if you've got SSDs)).

Yes, this. Also disable TPM in the UEFI. Both SecureBoot and TPM introduce complications that make installing and using Linux more difficult. I got my machine working with SecureBoot enabled, but I discovered that it booted faster with it disabled.

Also, to point out: TPM and SecureBoot are for Windows Only. They are not applicable on Linux. Disabling them on Linux is beneficial, not dangerous.

No actually my old lenovo laptop was only 3 years old. And it had decent specs. And yes I have tried that my issue I just discovered too was that i also have no wifi.

I mean that seems like a lot to do. I might just wait till Zorin OS 17 comes out which will be based on 22.04 and I know my hardware works on that. And seeming that its a few months away it might just be best to wait for this distro to catch up to my hardware.

Also I read your article and my laptop came out this year and it shiped with windows 11 not 10. It wont even run on 10 because all the drivers for it were made for 11. Thats how new my laptop is.

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