I installed Zorin 16 Pro as my only OS and I only get a grub error when I boot up

I downloaded Zorin 16 Pro and installed it one of my laptops as the only OS. After install when I rebooted I just get a grub command line.
I tried reinstalling, same result. Why am I getting a grub command line?

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Recommend Grub Boot Repair:

As I go through the topics in the Forum I can see that there are many issues with Grub 2. If you are trying to win over Window's users or as you say "make the transition from window's easier" then this Grub 2 issue needs to be fixed. I chose as my option during install of Zorin OS 16 Pro, to Install as my only OS. It should be as simple as that. Anything more difficult is going to discourage Window's users completely.

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