I like to customise my zorin os but im afraid and thinking that i might break my system

Hii, i have a doubt, I had installed zorin os 16.3 and I like to modify it to look like the themes that you see in r/unixporn subreddit. If I do the theming and then update to zorin os 17 and
after the updation will it break my system/zorin os ?

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IF you did the customization locally and did not change the thing globally on your computer - I see no reason that your theme(s) will be overwrite. All the config files on your home directory will be untouched.

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Some themes may not appear correctly if they are not formatted to include a gtk4 theme when moving from Zorin OS 16 to Zorin OS 17.

Zorin OS 17 introduces the new gtk4 toolkit to Zorin OS.

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Make backup ( just in case) and no need to worry , what if :slight_smile:

Btw , how did you get those navbar/panel ?

@Stephin You may be interested in sharing your setup in here. And you could share some more details about how you got it, like icons, theme or configuration files, all the better. Looks great!


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